The Chronicles of Adam

By Sean Flynn

The Chronicles of Adam

The Chronicles of Adam is a first person Historical Interpretation of a slave by the name of Adam. Although based on a real person, this story is comprised of various accounts, historical facts, and life lessons for viewers of any age to enjoy. This is performed by Dontavius Williams and was recorded at The Jamestown Foundation/James Family Reunion in Florence, SC.

Save ALL Summer with TeacherLine!

By K. Finger

image of piggy bank with sunglasses at the beach

ETV is now able to extend a 20% PBS TeacherLine course discount to educators ALL summer long! The discount, formerly slated to end in June, is now valid in July. Educators can use the discount to save 20% off any full-priced facilitated course, making this summer truly the best time for P.D.!

Time Flies | Endowment Intern Jenna

By Jenna Schiferl

Interns Shannon Simmons, Rebecca Dymock, and Jenna Schiferl

As with each week I’ve spent at ETV, this one flew by. On Tuesday, I stood before a group of my peers, supervisors, and Endowment staff on Tuesday and presented an overview of what I've been working on for the past few weeks at the intern luncheon. I decided to create a PowerPoint presentation, but many of the interns showed a brief video showcasing a specific project they completed. I especially enjoyed watching my fellow Columbia intern, Rebecca Dymock, present her “Our Town” episode on Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Sharing Our Stories| Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Rebecca and Jenna interviewing Shannon

While normally I work on sharing the stories of people around the state of South Carolina, this week, I've been working on stories that come from within the walls of ETV. On Monday, we went up to the ETV Carolinas office in Rock Hill to finish up the intern interviews. The following day, we had the Endowment intern luncheon, here in Columbia, where each intern gave a short presentation about what we had been working on throughout our time with ETV. It was nice to talk with the other interns and learn about what they had been up to.

Connecting and Sharing | Endowment Intern Shannon

By Shannon Simmons

Endowment Interns working on the intern video

Week six of my internship has been all about making connections and sharing experiences. I started the week by interviewing with fellow interns Rebecca and Jenna. Rebecca is working on the Endowment intern promo video, so we met to discuss my experiences, so far, working with SCETV. During the interview, I was able to share some advice that I would give to future intern applicants, which I thought was nice.

A Pick-Up Game

By Rebecca Dymock

Bill Stokes with a ball on the river

Bill Stokes picked up a unique hobby years ago when he started paddling on the Catawba River. His hobby has grown into a practice that not only helps the environment but educates children about the negative effects of pollution.

Ideas for Teachers to Incorporate Digital Citizenship into Their Instruction

By Ashley Fort

Teacher in front of classroom of students with tablets

From our Educator Guest Blogger Series

Many teachers feel overwhelmed by everything they already have to do in the classroom each day and can’t imagine having to do one more thing! Many teachers using technology complain about the management aspect of 1:1 initiatives. However, digital citizenship instruction can go a long way to improving classroom management in a 21st-century classroom. In fact, any teacher incorporating technology into their teaching must also teach students to be responsible digital citizens.

Friday at the Frampton House | Endowment Intern Cassidy

By Cassidy Haynes

Frampton House Plantation

As we round the corner of our fourth week, I look back on all the places we’ve visited, so far, with a fond appreciation. There is a wealth of wisdom to be gained from meeting new people and listening to their stories, but one of the most interesting ones we’ve heard to date has been from the Frampton House. The Frampton House, currently serving as the tourism center for the Lowcountry, is an old plantation home from the 1860s.

Five Valuable Career Skills I Have Learned | Endowment Intern Imelda

By Imelda Golden

Intern Cassy, Stephanie, and Intern Imelda

Being an Endowment Intern at SCETV has allowed me to learn many important lessons that are allowing me to grow into the person that I want to be in my professional career life. I will be sharing with you the top five valuable career lessons I have learned during my internship. (If I tried to share everything, I would be typing for days!)

1. Networking