Winthrop Student Creates Hip Hop Foundation in Honor of Her Father

By Karina Young

Alisha Sweatt at one of her Hip Hop Makes me Feel Presentations

Lover of Hip Hop, Alisha Sweatt, uses her personal experiences to make new connections within herself and with others.  

Sweatt developed a strong, deep passion for Hip Hop when her father, DJ and producer, passed away in 2005 at a young age. To cope with his death, she made a connection with him by listening to Hip Hop. 

“I just looked at Hip Hop to help me through it,” she said. “So, that’s where it really turned into a real passion.”

SCETV Earth Day Programming includes Sea Change

By Ty Moody


Earth Day is April 22, 2018.  Upcoming SCETV programs explore how Earth’s climate system is changing. NOVA: Decoding the Weather Machine cuts through the confusion of climate change and SCETV's Sea Change shares the impact of sea level rise on the South Carolina's coast.

Sea Change

Patrick McMillan takes viewers from the sands of Hunting Island State Park to other communities along coastal South Carolina and Georgia, exploring diverse perspectives on the impact of sea level rise on the Eastern Seaboard. 

Nine-Part Series "CIVILIZATIONS" Airs on Tuesdays (Preview)

By Ty Moody

Civilizations on PBS

In nine episodes, CIVILIZATIONS travels across the globe, visiting such cultural landmarks as the great mosques of Istanbul, the ancient cities of Mesoamerica, the Buddhist caves of Ajanta in India, and the funeral site of China’s first emperor. CIVILIZATIONS explores a sweeping range of topics, including the earliest human cultural artifacts and the representation of the body in art, what happens when different civilizations encounter each other, and the nature of “renaissances” around the world.

"Bill Nye: Science Guy" Documentary Airs on POV (Preview)

By Ty Moody

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Many people today have a love and passion for science thanks to watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy" while they were young. The POV documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy follows the legendary science advocate and TV personality Bill Nye in his pursuit to ignite a passion among Americans, both young and old, for science and science education.

Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to Be Known

April 2018 on Knowitall

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

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In April, literacy and poetry resources abound in our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection!  Please see the list of specific dates to keep in mind all through April! Try out our resources for World Health Day on April 7. We hope you will not only view them but also act on them! For Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), we offer our Holocaust Remembrance Collection. For Earth Day, take a look at the numerous resources made available in our Environmental Awareness Collection! For International Jazz Day on April 30, learn about jazz greats! Click on the links below!