Meet the Helpers

Many children have questions and can feel uneasy when emergencies occur in their communities. Together, we can help children learn about important community helpers in a calm and fun environment, so when an emergency strikes, children will understand who to look for and how to help. Created by WUCF in Florida, Meet the Helpers is a new public media initiative designed to introduce children to public safety careers and to assist them with emergency preparedness. Watch the video overview and find resources below.

SCETV received grant funding to provide community engagement and conduct research around stress management and anxiety for young children in times of crises. The Education team is in the process of selecting participants for the research and will share additional details as they unfold.

Featured Videos: Coronavirus

What is the Coronavirus?

A doctor helper explains the coronavirus and how children can be good helpers.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is necessary to stay healthy from coronavirus, but can be difficult for children to understand.

Wash your hands!

Be a good helper and remember to wash your hands often!

Videos: Meet the Helpers


Meet the Helpers is designed to introduce “helpers” and explain the role they play in emergency situations.

911 Operator

911 Operators take emergency calls and send helpers where they are needed.


Doctors assist people in emergency situations by providing medical treatment.


Firefighters are on the scene in minutes to put out fires and help people and animals escape.


A lineworker constructs and maintains electric power lines, including cable, internet and phone.


Meteorologists help people prepare for potentially dangerous weather-related emergencies.


Teachers are among the first to help during a school emergency.


Paramedics respond to emergency calls for help outside of a hospital.

Police Officer

Police Officers help in a variety of ways during emergency situations.