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Making It Grow 2021 Highlights

Here are some of our favorite highlights of "Making It Grow" from 2021! Produced by a partnership with Clemson University and The South Carolina Educational Television Network, "Making It Grow"...
Sponsor Spotlight - SC Philharmonic

SC Philharmonic - Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor: South Carolina Philharmonic Rhonda Hunsinger: Executive Director The South Carolina Philharmonic is committed to performing live symphonic music and providing dynamic educational...
SCETV Production Truck

President's Corner Monthly Newsletter, December 2021

Although 2021 may have seemed like a year full of inconsistencies, one thing remained constant – Team SCETV’s commitment to serving the citizens of this state. In a year that began with the relaunch...

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Find special programming highlights for the month below. Yanni In Concert - Live at the Acropolis Sunday, December 5, 07:30 pm on ETV World Tuesday, December 7, 07:00 pm on ETVHD On September 25, 1993...

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