Growing Up with Smart Cat: Money (Episode Ten)

Have you ever gotten an allowance or been given some money for your birthday? What did you do with your money? Did you buy that toy you always wanted? Did you take a trip? I love to explore new places...

Growing Up with Smart Cat: Manners (Episode Nine)

Showing your manners is always an important thing to do especially when you're around other people and friends. How do you show your manners? First it's important to use polite language. Learning...

Growing Up with Smart Cat: Mental Health (Episode Eight)

Everybody has feelings. Sometimes we feel happy and sometimes we feel sad. How many feelings can you name? No matter how you feel, it is important to use words to describe your feelings and tell why...

Growing Up with Smart Cat: Choosing Friends (Episode Seven)

How many of you have made new friends this year? That's great! Good friends can be lots of fun and can help in times of need. What are some traits you look for when choosing friends? It's important to...

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