Learn about SCETV's offerings for early learners:
Bright by Text provides FREE, quality tips, games, and resources from SCETV, PBS, and a number of other trusted sources. Messages are designed for parents and caregivers of children prenatal to age eight and include topics pertinent to language, literacy, social and emotional learning, caregiver resilience, safety, and developmental milestones. Interested parties will receive 4 – 6 texts per week and can sign up for the service by entering the child’s date of birth and zip code. 

Meet the Helpers. Many children have questions and can feel uneasy when emergencies occur in their communities. Together, we can help children learn about important community helpers in a calm and fun environment, so when an emergency strikes, children will understand who to look for and how to help.  Find new videos to help children learn more about the coronavirus like "What is Coronavirus?", What is social distancing?" and "Wash Hands." 


No matter how old your kids are, SCETV and SC Public Radio have educational programming you can turn on without having to worry about what they might hear. 

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