Parenting is full of obstacles that can be hard to navigate—there’s no instruction manual.


  • How to Take Your Kid's Temperature

    Fevers can be scary—and sudden.
  • How COVID-19 Affects Kids

    How COVID-19 affects kids and what schools and parents can do to keep them safe.
  • Covid-19: Does Your Kid Really Need a Mask?

    How can you help your child dress for success in a face covering?
  • The Science of Breastmilk and Formula

    Breastmilk! What’s in it? And how do different formulas on the market compare?
  • When to Worry (and not Worry) About Your Child's Fever

    Your child’s temperature is rising. They have a shiver. Is this fever worth worrying over?
  • What Should Your Kids' Poop Look Like?

    What is it? Why is it (usually) brown? And what makes a poop healthy or unhealthy?
  • Why Toddlers Throw Tantrums

    Dr. Alok Patel and Bethany Van Delft break down the breakdown.

About Parentalogic

Parenting is full of obstacles that can be hard to navigate—even without a toddler yelling at your face. There’s no instruction manual, which means discerning fact from fiction and reasonable from ridiculous can be maddening. Dr. Alok Patel and comedian Bethany Van Delft, as they dive into the topics nearly all parents face—from pregnancy to poop, fevers to tantrums, and preschool to puberty.