Parenting is full of obstacles that can be hard to navigate—there’s no instruction manual.


  • How to (Safely!) Put Your Infant to Bed

    How can you create the best environment in which to put your newborn down to sleep?
  • Why Does my Newborn’s Poop Look Like That?

    Poop is a window into the body.
  • Three Doctor-Approved Sleep Training Methods Explained

    Sleep is essential to children's growth and development.
  • Is My Kid Behind? Real Talk About Milestones

    Hearing that “your child should be doing X by Y age” can make you worry.
  • Understanding Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

    Eczema, allergic asthma, and allergic rhinitis are three hyper-allergic conditions.
  • Managing Separation Anxiety

    If your at-the-door goodbyes aren’t getting easier, Parentalogic is here to help.
  • What are Allergies?

    Food, drug, or seasonal allergies. Discover the science behind why they form.
  • Kids' Nightmares & Sleep Terrors: When to Worry

    How can you acknowledge that your child has fear and help them get through it?

About Parentalogic

Parenting is full of obstacles that can be hard to navigate—even without a toddler yelling at your face. There’s no instruction manual, which means discerning fact from fiction and reasonable from ridiculous can be maddening. Dr. Alok Patel and comedian Bethany Van Delft, as they dive into the topics nearly all parents face—from pregnancy to poop, fevers to tantrums, and preschool to puberty.