Yoga in Practice

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  • From the Complex to the Simple – Chair Yoga

    Chair yoga is a practice that helps us to know ourselves better.
  • Plant a Good Garden

    Seated twists, like planting a garden, remind us to treat ourselves with care.
  • I Like Who I Become When I Try

    This episode challenges you to reclaim your power and hold a positive attitude.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    In this episode, repetition reminds us to practice for practice sake.
  • Becoming Your Best Self

    This episode involves heat and some effort with poses that engage the core.
  • Open, Steady, and Patient

    This episode involves poses that focus on three elements.
  • Learning to Take A Leap

    Life can present challenges that demand strength, clarity and wisdom.
  • With Each Step I Arrive

    Balancing poses help us to become fully present and focused.

About Yoga in Practice

Yoga in Practice is a 13-part series led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins. The program is designed to teach the foundations of yoga to the at-home student, and to encourage a daily yoga practice that is more than simply physical exercise. Each episode focuses on a universal theme, such as Courage or The Art of Slowing Down, and includes basic meditation and breathing techniques.

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