Somewhere South

Vivian Howard takes viewers on a culinary tour of the South through cross-cultural dishes.


  • It’s a Greens Thing

    Vivian travels to Georgia to learn the roots of Southern hospitality.
  • What a Pickle

    Vivian ponders how so many meals are brightened by pickles, including achaar and kimchi.
  • Dumpling Dilemma

    While dumplings are hard to define, they stretch ingredients and imagination.
  • Porridge for the Soul

    At a dinner honoring pioneering chef Edna Lewis, Vivian gives porridge the royal treatment
  • American as Hand Pie

    As Vivian tries to mass produce hand pies, she learns the history of this food.

About Somewhere South

Host and award-winning chef Vivian Howard digs deeper into the lesser-known roots of Southern food, Southern cooking, and Southern living. Each episode of “Somewhere South” explores the connectivity of a single dish, and the ways people of different backgrounds interpret that dish while expressing the complex values, identities, and histories that make up the American South.