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Facing Suicide Initiative

SCETV received a grant to support a multi-platform production and community engagement initiative to inform, illuminate and activate suicide prevention strategies for vulnerable populations.


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South Carolina Culture

If you are seeking the best places to visit in the state, whether for leisure, entertainment or eating, we cover those places with these quizzes.

Walter Edgar's Quiz

South Carolina History

How much do you really know about South Carolina? Are you a “Real South Carolinian” or just a “Casual Tourist?”

History in a Nutshell

General History

History in a Nutshell explains historical events in layman’s terms- short, sweet, and to the point!


Local Content

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RiverVenture is the story of South Carolina's cultural and natural landscape as told by its rivers.


Let's Go Virtual Tours

Check out virtual reality tours of some of South Carolina’s most interesting historical sites on your desktop computer or the Matterport App.


Reconstruction 360

Reconstruction 360 uses a 360 degree video platform as a storytelling device that lets the audience step inside pivotal Reconstruction events.


Between the Waters

Between the Waters is SCETV’s immersive transmedia website showcasing the culture and history of Hobcaw Barony, a 16,000 acre historic site on the coast of South Carolina.