Dr. Walter Edgar's South Carolina Quiz

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Walter Edgar's Journal

Walter Edgar's Journal delves into the arts, culture, history of South Carolina and the American South.

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South Carolina from A to Z

Historian and author Walter Edgar mines the riches of the South Carolina Encyclopedia to bring you South Carolina from A to Z. South Carolina from A to Z is a production of South Carolina Public Radio in partnership with the University of South Carolina Press and SC Humanities.

“C” is for Casey, Claude (1912-1999)

“C” is for Casey, Claude (1912-1999). Musician, songwriter.

“B” is for Beaufort

“B” is for Beaufort (Beaufort County, 2020 population 12, 917). Beaufort is the…

“A” is for Archdale, John (1642-1717)

“A” is for Archdale, John (1642-1717). Proprietor, governor.