Dr. Walter Edgar's South Carolina Quiz

South Carolina from A to Z

Historian and author Walter Edgar mines the riches of the South Carolina Encyclopedia to bring you South Carolina from A to Z. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.

"A" is for Adams, James Hopkins (1812-1861)

"A" is for Adams, James Hopkins (1812-1861). Governor. A native of lower Richland District, Adams was a Yale graduate and cotton planter. In 1834, he was elected to represent Richland District in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He served

"Y" is for Yellow Fever

“Y” is for Yellow fever. Yellow fever was one of the most dreaded diseases in South Carolina during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Along with malaria, it helped establish the reputation of the South Carolina lowcountry as a dangerously unhealthy

"W" is for Walker, William (1809-1875)

“W” is for Walker, William (1809-1875). Teacher, composer, author. A native of Union District, Walker lived most of his life in Spartanburg. In 1835 he published Southern Harmony , a shaped-note hymnal using a four shape (fa-so-la) system. The shaped-note