Palmetto Perspectives

SCETV's community engagement-focused series.

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  • Palmetto Perspectives | School Safety

    On this episode, we talk school safety.
  • Palmetto Perspectives | Opioid Abuse In South Carolina

    On this episode, a look at the opioid crisis.
  • Palmetto Perspectives | Monuments and Memorials

    Palmetto Perspectives: Monuments and Memorials
  • Palmetto Perspectives | Healthcare Disparities

    Exploring healthcare disparities in South Carolina.
  • Palmetto Perspectives | Voting in SC

    We look at what voters in South Carolina need to know as they head to the polls.
  • Palmetto Perspectives | Racial Injustice

    SCETV assembles a panel of community stakeholders to discuss racial injustice.

About Palmetto Perspectives

Palmetto Perspectives aims to bring together a diverse group of voices to discuss the important issues facing the state of South Carolina and its communities.


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Thursday, July 21 at 7:00 PM

With the rise of violent gun deaths in the country and the state, Palmetto Perspectives gathers a group of stakeholders to discuss what can be done to stop these senseless deaths. Watch LIVE on television and online on Facebook.