Making It Grow

Making it Grow is SCETV's weekly gardening show.


  • Columbia College’s Landscape and Aphids

    Our feature segment is Columbia College's horticulturist John Long.
  • Tomatoes, Mowing Heights, and Ikebana

    Amanda and Terasa are joined by Jackie Jordan, Zack Snipes and Davis Sanders.
  • Farming Foundations and Schweinitz’s Sunflowers

    Farmer Foundations online class and Schweinitz’s Sunflowers.
  • Moss, Lichen, and Bee Puppets

    Moss, Lichen, and Bee Puppets.
  • Apple Cedar Rust, Summer Camps, and Fox Hideaway Farm

    Apple Cedar Rust, Summer Camps, and Fox Hideaway Farm.
  • Ikebana, Lander University, and “Lifetime Discoveries”

    Ikebana instructor Lin Ko.
  • A Tribute to Tony Melton

    Making it Grow pays special tribute to Clemson Extension Agent Tony Melton.
  • Strawberries and the Herbemont Grape

    Anthropologist Christopher Judge shows us tools and pottery.

About Making It Grow

Making It Grow is an award-winning program produced by SCETV and Clemson University. Host Amanda McNulty from Clemson Extension along with Clemson Extension Master Gardener State Coordinator Agent Terasa Lott plus other Extension Agents and featured guests offer research-based information on a variety of gardening, agricultural, and environmental topics, while also highlighting interesting places and products from around South Carolina.

  • ETVHD: Tuesday at 7pm
  •  SC CHANNEL:  Tuesday at 8pm, Saturday at 5pm  

Funding for Making it Grow is provided by: The South Carolina Department of Agriculture and McLeod Farms. Additional funding is provided by International Paper, The South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation, and Farm Bureau Insurance.

Latest Stories

Columbia College's Campus | Making It Grow

"Making It Grow" visits Columbia College in Columbia, SC and talks with horticulturaist John Long about the variety of plant material around their beautiful campus.

Moss and Lichen | Making It Grow

"Making It Grow" welcomes Interpretive Ranger Tim Lee from SC State Parks to the show to talk about the fascinating world of moss and lichen!

Schweinitz's Sunflowers in South Carolina | Making It Grow

"Making It Grow" travels to Historic Brattonsville, SC to speak with Dr. Robert Carter to learn more about the Schweinitz's Sunflowers. This plant is endemic to certain parts of North and South...

The River Alliance - Columbia, SC

"Making It Grow" visits with Mike Dawson of the River Alliance to learn more about what they do to create access to waterways in Columbia, SC.

Making It Grow

Gardening and horticulture news and tips, as well as agricultural information from Amanda McNulty, the host of SCETV's "Making It Grow" and Clemson University Extension Agent. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.Making It Grow Minutes are produced by South Carolina Public Radio, in partnership with Clemson University's Extension Service.

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