A documentary series reckoning with the South's past, present, and future.


  • Rap Squad

    Arkansas high school writers and performers seek healing and justice for their community.
  • The Passing On

    The legacy of Black funeral homes in San Antonio, Texas hinges on one renowned embalmer.
  • That's Wild

    Atlanta teens face the thrills, joy, and struggles of navigating the wilds of Colorado.
  • You Asked for the Facts

    Robert Kennedy defies a Mississippi state-wide campus speaker-ban in 1966.
  • Flat Town

    A rural Louisiana high school football game unites a historically segregated town.
  • Muni

    The struggle and joys of Black golfers who integrated a municipal course in Asheville, NC.
  • Mossville: When Great Trees Fall

    One man standing in the way of a petrochemical plant expansion refuses to give up.
  • Attaché

    The most successful High School Show Choir in history from a small, Southern town.


  • Bug Farm

    Four women bond over crickets, worms, and roaches on an insect farm in Labelle, Florida.
  • A Fine Girl

    Brandi, a trans woman of color from New Orleans, strives to open an inclusive salon.
  • Le Boulanger

    Francois starts a bakery in Lafayette, LA with a deep connection to his french culture.
  • Lipstick and Leather

    Three “alt-drag” performers in DC and Baltimore prepare for an upcoming show.
  • History in Pieces

    Kent Westbrook's passion collecting ancient relics showcases the history or Arkansas.
  • Darrouzett, TX

    Darrouzett, Texas is a 100-year-old homestead community full of hope and nostalgia.
  • Coup d'Etat Math

    Four immigrant stories: a fight to be born, to survive, find your place, and to maintain.
  • Watching the Storm

    Horologist Steven Richardson returns to his hometown to help foster the city’s youth.


The people, culture, landscape and history of the South both captivate and bewilder. In the cherished tradition of Southern storytelling, Reel South reveals the South's proud yet complicated heritage, as told by a diversity of voices and perspectives.