Celebrate the rich diversity of Latino arts and culture in this documentary showcase.


  • Letters to Eloisa

    "Letters to Eloisa" depicts the life of Author Cuban José Lezama Lima.
  • Latino Vote: Dispatches from the Battleground

    An inside look at the high-stakes effort to turn out the Latino vote in the 2020 election.
  • Building the American Dream

    Follow immigrant families rising up to seek justice in an industry rife with exploitation.
  • The Pushouts

    Meet Dr. Victor Rios a former gang member working with youth being “pushed out” of school.
  • Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno

    Follow the search for a hero that history forgot: Maria Moreno.
  • Porvenir, Texas

    Discover the story behind the 1918 massacre of 15 Mexican men in this tiny border town.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo

    Discover the life of radical Chicano lawyer and countercultural icon Oscar Zeta Acosta.
  • Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice

    Meet the pioneering activist whose work transformed the power of the Latino vote.


Produced by Latino Public Broadcasting, the acclaimed PBS documentary series VOCES features the best of Latino arts, culture and history and shines a light on current issues that impact Latino Americans. Devoted to exploring the rich diversity of the Latino experience, VOCES presents new and established filmmakers and brings their powerful and illuminating stories to a national audience.