Film School Shorts

Film School Shorts is a weekly series that showcases short student films.


  • Beyond Her Years

    Three young women confront prejudice and predation while navigating the adult world.
  • Finding Home

    Family is found in unlikely places in these two short films.
  • Woman's Best Friend

    Two women must choose between their beloved dogs and their futures.
  • Hard Times

    No one said life was easy. Two short films look at life as an outsider.
  • Anxiety Ridden

    Anxiety plagues the protagonists in three short films by student filmmakers.
  • A Dark Place

    Life on the streets is unpredictable and filled with tough choices in these short films.
  • Surreal Life

    A surreal mash-up of shorts with reincarnation, boy bands, a frog dance party, and more.
  • Women on the Verge

    Two stories of love. Love for boys and a love for eggs.


  • Dios Nunca Muere

    An undocumented, single mother risks her freedom in order to support her daughter.
  • Let's Be Gentle

    A daughter's abusive father is released from prison.
  • Hard Candy

    An animated noir film that follows a mysterious mission through Oakland.
  • The Stick

    A boy grows up in fear of a boomerang that never came back in this animated classic.
  • Gwen

    A woman is obsessed with eggs and winning "Best Dish" at the annual Blue Briar Fair.
  • The Scar

    A young girl on the brink of adolescence makes a discovery at the corner store.
  • Young Adult

    A teenage girl with cerebral palsy is caught breaking the rules for her crush.
  • How Far She Went

    An unflinching look at family, sacrifice, and the lengths we will go for those we love.

About Film School Shorts

From dramas to rom-coms, watch award-winning short films that bring you Hollywood quality without the three-hour run time. Film School Shorts is a weekly series showcasing indie films with blockbuster talent, including Frances Conroy, Anna Camp, and more!