Independent filmmakers present unique stories and characters with a point of view.


  • North By Current

    Director Angelo Madsen Minax returns home to rural Michigan after the death of his niece.
  • La Casa de Mama Icha

    Mama Icha returns home to Colombia, finding heartbreak and joy after decades in the US.
  • The Song of the Butterflies

    Rember, an Indigenous artist in Peru, journeys to the Amazonian land of his ancestors.
  • Pier Kids

    In New York City, queer and trans youth of color make Christopher Street Pier their own.
  • Mayor

    Musa Hadid is the mayor of Ramallah, the de facto capital of Palestine.
  • Stateless

    An attorney advocates for Dominicans of Haitain descent stripped of their citizenship.
  • Landfall, Spanish Version

    Shard-like glimpses of post-Hurricane María Puerto Rico examine a transformed world.
  • Landfall

    Shard-like glimpses of post-Hurricane María Puerto Rico examine a transformed world.


  • StoryCorps Shorts: Hand in Hand

    Sissy talks with his wife Vickie about how they forged a new path.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Star Bound

    Space-obsessed six year old Jerry Morrison talks to his uncle Joey, an engineer at NASA.
  • Standing Above the Clouds

    Native Hawaiian mother-daughter activists stand to protect their sacred mountain.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Lola's Work

    Crescenciana Tan came to the U.S. from the Philippines to help raise her grandchildren.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: At First Glance

    Partner, father, and giant among men.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Leonardo's Dreams

    Cherished memories captured in their final conversation.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: With Love, From Georgia

    In a war zone, a slice of home.
  • Another Hayride

    In the 1980s, self-help guru Louise Hay created a space for healing -- called the Hayride.

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