Independent filmmakers present unique stories and characters with a point of view.


  • POV Shorts: The Calling

    Two films exploring creed and conviction.
  • POV Shorts: Uniquely Euro

    Two stories as different as the countries from which they're from: Ukraine and Austria.
  • POV Shorts: Comic Culture

    Slices of life from opposite sides of the world--where the everyday veers into comedy.
  • POV Shorts: Legacy

    Three stories looking at time encapsulated.
  • POV Shorts: In The Absence

    A South Korean community is torn apart by a disaster. The victims’ families seek justice.
  • POV Shorts: The Spectrum of Divide

    Two perspectives on how shared beliefs connect and divide.
  • Softie

    Softie follows Boniface “Softie” Mwangi, a political activist running for office in Kenya.
  • The Infiltrators

    Young immigrants get detained by Border Patrol - on purpose - to help stop deportations.


  • Sing Me a Lullaby

    A daughter searches for her mother's birth parents in Taiwan, unraveling complex tensions.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Alone Together

    Roberto Vargas talks to his wife and son about their experience during the pandemic.
  • Redneck Muslim

    A Muslim hospital chaplain honors his Southern heritage while challenging white supremacy.
  • The Masses

    Three South London neighbors explore their devotion to their respective religions.
  • Traffic Separating Device

    A traffic separating device illustrates how practical solutions can become human failures.
  • Tungrus

    A suburban Mumbai household is turned topsy-turvy when a chicken is adopted as a pet.
  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark

    Christian lives with his two cats Marmelade and Katjuscha.
  • Kachalka

    A journey into the heart of what is widely considered the world's most hardcore gym.

About POV

Since 1988, POV has been the home for the world’s boldest contemporary filmmakers, celebrating intriguing personal stories that spark conversation and inspire action.