Independent filmmakers present unique stories and characters with a point of view.


  • Unapologetic

    After two police killings, Black abolitionists fight to hold Chicago officials accountable
  • North By Current

    Director Angelo Madsen Minax returns home to rural Michigan after the death of his niece.
  • Things We Dare Not Do

    In a Mexican coastal village, 16-year-old Ñoño has a secret that defies gender norms.
  • La Casa de Mama Icha

    Mama Icha returns home to Colombia, finding heartbreak and joy after decades in the US.
  • Fruits of Labor

    In California, a Mexican-American teen goes to work when ICE raids threaten her family.
  • POV Shorts: Where I'm From

    Stories on home and how it shapes us.
  • The Song of the Butterflies

    Rember, an Indigenous artist in Peru, journeys to the Amazonian land of his ancestors.
  • Pier Kids

    In New York City, queer and trans youth of color make Christopher Street Pier their own.


  • Bug Farm

    Four distinct women form a bond on an insect farm in Central Florida.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: A Piece of Home

    An Ethiopian refugee remembers the home she left behind.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Man of Steel

    Three generations of steel workers.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: A Life of Honor

    A gay veteran recalls serving in silence.
  • A Broken House

    Mohamad Hafez missed his homeland, so he decided to create a stand-in.
  • Joychild

    A young child tells their mother “I’m not a girl” for the first time.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: Father Mychal's Blessing

    Remembering the September 11 victim who died praying for others.
  • StoryCorps Shorts: September 12

    A man reflects on feeling responsible for the September 11 attacks.

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