A documentary series reckoning with the South's past, present, and future.

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  • Stay Here Awhile

    An ode to the poetry and power of the American South’s diverse landscape and its stewards.
  • Stay Prayed Up

    Hear the gospel of 83-year-old Mother Perry and her legendary music group The Branchettes.
  • Broken Wings

    An Arkansas woman and her town adopt an injured vulture as their own.
  • Madame Pipi

    Three Haitian bathroom attendants hold court in Miami nightclubs, even during a pandemic.
  • Florida Woman

    A Florida woman battles media scrutiny and public outrage to save her pet alligator.
  • Quaranteened

    Four spirited teenage sisters languish at home during the pandemic of 2020.
  • Bury Me at Taylor Hollow

    Just outside Nashville, a mortician creates the state’s first, natural burial ground.
  • Little Satchmo

    Louis Armstrong was an icon, but for Sharon, he was the father she could never reveal.


The people, culture, landscape and history of the South both captivate and bewilder. In the cherished tradition of Southern storytelling, Reel South reveals the South's proud yet complicated heritage, as told by a diversity of voices and perspectives.

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