J Schwanke’s Life In Bloom

J Schwanke provides ideas on how to bring the beauty of flowers into your surroundings.


  • Flowers to Wear & Share

    J introduces ways to wear flowers – from boutonnières to lower jewelry.
  • Flowers: Nature’s Rainbow

    J applies color theory in fun arrangements, food and cocktails.
  • Everything’s Coming Up Roses

    J visits a farm in South America that grows cut garden roses.
  • Pets and Flowers

    J connects with pets and flowers and showcases a classic poodle mum flower arrangement.
  • All About Lavender

    J shares all things lavender, from hand-crafted soaps to arrangements and crafts.
  • Thinking Outside the Vase

    J explores unusual vessels for flower arranging with a visit to an antique market.
  • The Garden, Contained

    J visits a garden center, offers tips on container gardening, and makes herbal cocktails.
  • Traditional Japanese Flower Arts

    Learn about Japanese flower arts, from Ikebana flower arranging to the art of a Bonsai.

About J Schwanke’s Life In Bloom

Host J Schwanke shows how to bring the beauty of flowers into your surroundings and demonstrates how living a life surrounded by colorful blossoms can reduce stress, instill wellness, and enhance happiness. Season two features techniques for flower arrangement, delicious floral food and cocktail recipes, and fun conversations with guests – from dahlia growers to chiropractors.