Two Cents

Personal finance tip and tricks for millennials and Gen Z!


  • How to Weigh Job Benefits

    We learn about the benefits that help with selecting the best job offer.
  • Is Your Job Future-Proof?

    Are robots coming for YOUR job?
  • How Healthcare Can Rip You Off!

    The way we pay for medical care isn't like any other kind of transaction - here's why.
  • Why Did Airlines Get So Stingy?

    We explore why airlines treat their customers like....cattle.
  • A Short Explanation of Short Selling

    Betting on a stock's failure can be a risky business, as GameStop short-sellers learned.
  • Why Do We Hate Paying Taxes?

    Why do we hate paying them so much?
  • Can You Really Save Money by Going Green? (And How Much?)

    It may be great for the earth, but what about my pocketbook?
  • Is the Savings Account Dead?

    We explore what happened to the savings account.

About Two Cents

PBS Digital Studios and the producers of It’s Okay to Be Smart bring you TWO CENTS, a new weekly series about personal finance for millennials and Gen Z.