Educator Guest Blogger Series

By Bette Jamison

Pair of hands on keyboard

ETV Education’s Educator Guest Blogger Series, featuring South Carolina educators recognized for innovation in the classroom, continue to provide interesting and relevant ideas for SC teachers! Our guest bloggers include additional PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator winners, educators who earn the new PBS Media Literacy Certification, and other educators recognized for their skilled use of technology in the classroom.

Under Pressure | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

Sarah Pritchard speaking at the ETV Endowment Intern luncheon.

Well, this week started out like any other. We had the ETV Endowment Intern Luncheon on Monday, and Moe’s catered, and then – Oh, sorry. Yeah, it wasn’t like any other. The lunch on Monday was awesome because I got to see the other interns (minus RoseCatherine – we missed you), and I got to see what they have been working on all summer. I was super nervous about having to get up and speak to a room full of people, but I somehow managed to get through it. Just kidding, I didn’t just manage, (I think) I crushed it.  

Palmetto State Politics Part II | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Sean presents

Welcome to Intern Week! (That was going to be this week's title, until draamtic political developments forced my hand as you will read). I briefly mentioned that self-proclaimed name last week, but this week was truly all about the interns. As the summer winds down, some of us are beginning to wrap up their internship (but don't worry I still have a couple weeks). So ETV celebrated all the interns with a big fancy lunch, catered by Moe's, on Monday. I'm not usually a fan of southwestern cuisine, but I will never complain about a free catered lunch like that.

The Parish Church of St. Helena

By Elias Saliba

St. Helena's Church


The Parish Church of St. Helena is one of the oldest standing structures in the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. Its rich three-hundred year history holds stories from our nation's many ups and many downs, yet it still stands today as it did in 1842. It represents a congregation that has been through several high and low points, but has grown immensely over the years. St. Helena's is one of the landmarks that draws visitors to Beaufort, so it is important to know and understand its history. 

The Past Three Weeks | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

By RoseCatherine James

RoseCatherine interviewing at the Store of Hope

The past few weeks have probably been the most hectic weeks of the summer. The whole time we have been preparing for two significant events, a trip to the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and York County's Chasing the Moon event. At DJJ, we are highlighting their school, Birchwood, and what it is like to teach students in jail. We are also adding a new installment of Made Here, with a focus on DJJ's Store of Hope, which sells products that students have made through the work-study programs.

Summer Memories | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin holds a press conference regarding the vote for the new University of South Carolina president

One week after a very slow Fourth of July week and things have picked up steadily around the office. I admit, it was a little tough getting back to work after the extended 4th of July holiday, but it was another exciting week with lots of time out of the office on stories, so that made it even better. I got to see more of Columbia (though being a native, I was already pretty familiar), starting with a visit to check out USC's new Social Media Insights lab at the journalism school.

We Are The Champions | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

Me and my roommate Taylor on a rather overcast Fourth of July on a dock in Charleston.

Well, I think the title for this week’s blog post is an obvious salute to the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) for winning the FIFA World Cup on Sunday, in case you have been living under a rock, or “don’t care” about women’s sports – but if the latter is true, you really are living under a rock; it’s 2019. That was easily the most exciting thing to happen in America since _________. (Fill in the blank. I don’t know what you find exciting.)