New personal & professional goals? We can help!

By Salandra Bowman

Image of list of goals surrounded by lightbulbs shiningHappy New Year from the Training & Research team! We hope that you will consider our resources as you set your personal and professional development goals for 2020. One of our 2020 goals is to better serve lifelong learners in South Carolina. Read further to find out about opportunities to provide feedback and to request services.

Scribble: Structural Dynamics to make our world safer

By Scribble

Juan CaicedoMany people have dreams of shaping the future, and for Dr. Juan Caicedo, those dreams are a reality. A professor and department chair of the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing, Juan specializes in Structural Dynamics to make our world safer and more efficient. From floors that sense the vibrations of your footsteps to walls that stand strong against storms, he and his department utilize their one-of-a-kind equipment to run experiments and come up with new solutions to everyday problems. Juan moved to the United States from Columbia, South America to achieve his...

Learn with ETV: NEW renewal courses + free offer

By Bette Jamison

Graphics from ETV Teacher Recertification courses for January 2020ETV Teacher Recertification courses are approved by the South Carolina Department of Education for SC educators. Over 25 courses for 20 renewal credits each, facilitated online/self-paced. Cost: $75 each.

Benjamin Elijah Mays

By Tabitha Safdi

Benjamin Elijah MaysBenjamin Mays (1894-1984) was a minister, educator, scholar and social activist. He was known as the "Father of the Civil Rights Movement." Mays was born the youngest in his family and his parents were both former slaves. He grew up in Epworth, South Carolina, just a few miles from Greenwood in a time in history of rigid segregation. This became the defining period of his life and he longed to get an education. After pleading with his father he was allowed to go to SC State College to finish his high school degree. He decided he would get a college degree up north where he would have more...

Earn graduate & R2S credit before spring break

By Kathy.Finger

image of woman sitting by a fireplace looking at a laptopOk, so you just got back from winter break and spring break isn’t on your radar yet - or maybe it’s the dream that keeps you going ;) . Either way, it’ll be here before you know it and who wants to spend it taking a course to earn credits for June recertification? Not you! Instead, while away these cold dark days with an engaging PBS TeacherLine course and you’ll be free to enjoy those blue skies this spring! BONUS: Enroll with promo code JOLLYPD and save 10%! Winter 2020 course sessions run Jan 15 – Feb 25, and Feb 12 – Mar 24 . *Enroll at least one week prior to the start date for best...

Why all 21st-century educators must teach media literacy & how

By Ashley Fort

photo of teacher and students looking at a laptop screen togetherFrom our Educator Guest Blogger Series With technology being an integral part of classrooms and students’ lives in general, I realize that my job as a teacher involves helping students successfully navigate the online world. My goal this year is to help every student develop 21st-century skills, including being responsible users of technology and critical consumers of media they encounter. As a teacher reading this, you are likely integrating digital media in your classroom. I challenge you, too, in the new year to include media literacy as a part of your daily instruction. But you may wonder...

January 2020 on

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured on in January 2020Happy New Year to all! This month, Knowitall features resources for Martin Luther King Day and African American History Month for use now through February. Our Holocaust Remembrance Collection provides resources for International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust .