New Challenges | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

By RoseCatherine James

My Ride Rock Hill

Week four definitley picked up. Not only was I tasked with finishing the Made Here story I started working on, but I also worked on a smaller piece about My Ride, Rock Hill, which is Rock Hill's new all-eclectric public transit system. 

Content For The Win | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

A picture of me testing out the new customizable camera this week.

In my first week of interning at SCETV, I’ve learned that flexibility is key. Your day can change in an instant whether it’s a meeting that gets pushed back or weather that moves your camera test indoors. My goal for the summer is to experience a little bit of everything. I work in content development here and so far I’ve been helping to lay the foundation for two new web series. I’ve researched, wrote preliminary scripts and reached out to restaurant owners to see if they would like to be featured on one of the shows we’re gearing up for.

Week 2 in Beaufort | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Staff preparing for By the River in the studio

After getting into the swing of things the first week, I felt more comfortable about what my jobs were and the importance of them, in terms of the whole production. Some of the jobs included starting up the graphics board inside the control room, adjusting props on-set for lighting, helping to put microphones on guests, and making sure the mics had new batteries after every two shows. My main job for production of By The River was operating camera one.

21st Century Learners Week Registration is Now Open

By Salandra Bowman

21st Century Learners Week

ETV Education is excited to host our inaugural 21st Century Learners Week. This event is designed to promote critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity in teaching and learning for South Carolina residents. We look forward to seeing you July 22-25, 2019.

Sessions are FREE and last from 10:00 – 3:00 PM each day at the ETV Studios in Columbia. 21st Century Learners Week is a bring your own device (BYOD) series.

Welcome to the Big Leagues | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Senator Kamala Harris at a meet-and-greet in Greenville, SC

Hello, my name is Sean Scott and apparently,I'm supposed to be writing blog posts of my time here at SCETV this summer. With such a crazy first seven days, this message didn't get to me until now, so I have a little more to write about and catch up. I started right after Memorial Day and the first couple of days were all about learning my way around the building: tours, parking, radio studios, the Public Service Commission and my own office. I think by now I'm starting to figure out how to get places here (hopefully).

The Show Must Go On | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

A still shot from the Janice Marshall interview.

It’s hard to believe week two of my internship is already complete. Time seems to be flying by, so I must be having a great time. This week was a little different from my first week, because my supervisor, Ty, was in Nashville all week for a conference. But, like Queen says, the show must go on.

Annual Educator Survey Prize Winners

By Salandra Bowman

And the winners are... words rising out of envelope

Annual Educator Survey Prize Winners

The ETV Annual Educator Survey 2018-2019 survey is complete. We thank you and all of the 2,000+ survey participants for taking the time to give us your feedback! Your survey feedback will help us align our professional development programming with the needs of South Carolina’s educators. Stay tuned for more opportunities to share your thoughts.