Halfway Point | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Still taken at Beaufort National Cemetery

It is hard to believe I am almost halfway through with my summer internship here at SCETV Lowcountry. The time has flown by! I started off my fifth week by using Monday to do some preliminary research for an upcoming video project. The project will focus on giving a brief history of historical monuments and/or places located here around the Beaufort area. It has been really interesting to see how much history lies within this county. 

An Eventful Week 4 | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Outside the fences of Allendale Correctional Institution

The spot next to the garage where the control truck once sat is empty. The studio where hundreds of wires and three cameras once laid is bare. It was definitely a different feeling knowing that By The River was over, but it is time to look forward to new projects and shoots. When my supervisor, Holly, and I arrived, the first thing we did was discuss what my own project would be for the rest of my time here at ETV Lowcountry. The rest of the week I will be gathering information in hopes of finding a great story from around the area.

I Want It All | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

Patina Miller in the pilot episode of the CBS hit drama Madam Secretary. She plays the role of Press Secretary Daisy Grant.

“I want it all” was what I was saying to the dozens of people I was emailing last week for information about a certain actress. I spent a lot of time sending emails to people about Patina Miller, the S.C. African American History Calendar July Honoree. Since I am in charge of the video for this month, I have to find all of the materials and potential interviews for the video. I have found that when it comes to celebrities this is no easy task.

Palmetto State Politics | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Pallbearers carry a casket with an American flag draped over it

One month in, and this has been the craziest and wildest week, by far. Last week, I wrote about how I was nervously preparing for my first real story of the summer - covering an unclaimed veteran funeral at Fort Jackson. After some early technical worries, the piece went off without a hitch, I'm proud to say! I had no idea what to expect going in, content-wise, how long the service would last, etc.

Part 6: From Whence They Came | Beyond Barbados

By Dave Adams


Gullah is the blending of all the cultures that came together during that horrible time in human history called the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The connection between Barbados and South Carolina is still prevalent today, especially in the Lowcountry: everything from the Gullah language, to music, cuisine, and architecture, the connection is felt between Barbadians and South Carolinians alike. 

Preparation | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

Me posing in front of fun SCETV wallpaper

Week 2 has been all about preparation, whether that’s preparing marketing strategies for an upcoming meeting, or arranging interviews and locations for filming. No matter the length, every piece of content needs some kind of pre-planning. This past week I've been helping to coordinate over six filming dates all over South Carolina. Persistence is a must because sometimes you must call and email multiple times before you receive an answer. For this reason, budgeting extra time when reaching out to people is a smart idea.

SC African American History Calendar - July Honoree: Patina Miller

By Bette Jamison

SC African American History Calendar - July Honoree: Patina Miller

(Photo of Patina Miller in "Madam President" courtesy of Sarah Shatz/CBS.)

Patina Miller is a celebrated actress, performer and singer. Born in the small town of Pageland, S.C. on November 6, Miller was raised with music. She grew up singing in her local church’s gospel choir and attended the S.C. Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities. Miller went on to attend Carnegie Mellon University where she earned a degree in musical theater. Her talents have earned her multiple nominations and awards both onstage and screen. 

Part 5: A Cultural Hearth | Beyond Barbados

By Dave Adams

The Chattel House

The success of Barbados, Carolina, America, the New World for that matter is coterminous with slavery. The labor, the technology, the ingenuity, and the culture that supported this global economy is attributable to the enslavement of African people.

Part 4: Colony of a Colony | Beyond Barbados

By Dave Adams

native americans and colonists

Most of the colonists who settled in Carolina were wealthy English planters, with names such as Middleton, Drayton, Colleton, and Yeamans. The vast wealth accrued in Carolina was due to the success of rice plantations, and from trade between Carolina and Barbados. These wealthy planters controlled South Carolina politics, even after the original Lords Proprietors fell out of power. These ruthless and determined "Barbadians" lived lavish lifestyles, and were also known for their illegal activities, such as enslavement of indigenous peoples, and commerce with pirates.