SC Lede: COVID-19 — Smiling Faces, 52,000 Cases

By Gavin Jackson

Gov. Henry McMaster and other state officials announced an executive order July 10, 2020On this episode of the South Carolina Lede for July 11, 2020, host Gavin Jackson examines the latest attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Palmetto State through Gov. Henry McMaster's new "last call" executive order. We also look at the hit the tourism industry’s recovery is taking, what changes in worldwide trade and manufacturing could happen in the future, and other insights on the latest COVID-19 data. The South Carolina Lede is here to keep you up to date on important news as the Palmetto State faces the COVID-19 virus. There is so much news out there right now it’s overwhelming...

Palmetto Perspectives: Racial Injustice

By Sean Birch

Palmeto Perspectives logoPalmetto Perspectives is South Carolina Public Radio and SCETV's new quarterly program aiming to bring together a diverse group of voices to discuss the important issues facing the state of South Carolina and its communities. In light of the protests that followed the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other unarmed black Americans, Palmetto Perspectives hosts Thelisha Eaddy and Adrienne Fairwell are joined by a panel of leaders from South Carolina’s African American community who will discuss these killings, the subsequent protests and how to overcome these tragedies. This episode'...

PBS Short Film Festival celebrates independent filmmakers and showcases diverse storytelling - starts Monday

By Tabitha Safdi

PBS short film festival starts MondayPBS's Webby Award-nominated PBS Short Film Festival returns for a ninth year from July 13-24. The festival features 25 short-form independent films presented in five categories: culture, environment, family, humanity and race. The PBS Short Film Festival is part of a multiplatform initiative to increase the reach and visibility of independent filmmakers and to provide a showcase for diverse storytelling that both inspires and engages. “At PBS, we have been committed to bringing a diversity of voices into American homes,” said Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “As we...

Researcher Finds Possible COVID Warning in Sewage

By Tut Underwood

Wastewater treatment plantTesting for the coronavirus is ongoing throughout the country, but testing individually takes a lot of time. University of South Carolina public health Professor Sean Norman is taking a different approach. Viruses are not only carried in the body, but some are also shed in human waste, and coronavirus is one of them. So Norman is analyzing sewage to determine the presence and amount of the virus in large populations. He said the application is new, but the technique has been around for a while. "People have looked at wastewater to monitor other viruses, like polio virus, as well as...

Event Marketing When There Are No Events

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoWe are all well aware of the effect the pandemic has had on charities and other organizations, such as universities, concert venues, etc. that depend heavily on events for revenue. So you can imagine what has also happened to our next guest’s company which specializes in event marketing and sponsorships. Mike Switzer interviews Rick Jones, CEO of Fishbait Marketing in Charleston, SC.

Wings & History: Historical island is home to natural phenomenon

By Charles Dymock

Charles bird photoIf you’re looking up toward the sky at Lake Murray this summer, there may be a chance you can catch one of South Carolina’s most incredible natural phenomena. Every Summer, upward of 500,000 Purple Martins use one little speck of land in the lake to rest their wings after a long migration. During the winter, these birds travel as far as 5,000 miles to the Amazon basin in search of food and nesting. When the colony makes its way back to Lake Murray for breeding, the flock’s population is so vast, it can even show up on weather radar systems. Purple Martins swarming above Bomb Island at Lake...

Of Small Business, Big Bucks, and PPP in South Carolina

By Scott Morgan

eaa5479a-1dde-4cb8-9976-2ed1f95ef86fSouth Carolina small businesses received $1.87 billion through the federal Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, and were able to revive 280,000 jobs by accessing the loans, according to newly released data from the U.S. Small Business Association . The SBA’s public database identifies businesses that received $150,000 or less in PPP loans. The money went to 55,554 businesses in the state. Corporations, along with LLC/LLP businesses and Sub S corporations (corporations with fewer than 100 shareholders that are taxes as partnerships), make up most of the businesses that got a payment – just...

“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle”

By Aniya Mahaffey

African Americans taking part in Independence Day. After each thought-provoking episode of the childhood cartoon, G.I. Joe, a public service announcement was offered supporting societal issues. That announcement was followed by a famous moniker that made the show legendary: “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle." This epithet resounds loudly in my spirit as America grapples with her truth being revealed. Did you know Black people were not allowed access to vanilla ice cream, even though the specific sweetness and taste was developed and perfected by a Black man by the name of Edmund Albuis? Black people were only allowed vanilla ice...

Financial Planning Opportunities During the Pandemic: Part 2

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoWe recently reviewed some financial planning opportunities on this program, such as taking advantage of the current low interest rate situation for some refinancing possibilities. But because we are only a five-minute show, we could not cover everything, so today is part two of that discussion. Mike Switzer interviews Melissa Bane, a certified financial planner and CPA with Greenwood Capital in Greenwood, SC.

Spoleto Backstage: Kreisler, Golijov, Tchaikovsky, And Alisa Weilerstein

By Sean Birch

d4c7ada1-f7a0-4573-bf82-3a602e9885abCredit South Carolina Public Radio In this episode of Spoleto Backstage , Geoff Nuttall and Bradley Fuller revisit another unforgettable program from the past decade of the Spoleto Festival USA Chamber Music Series. Before moving to the music itself, the two hosts talk about what makes this 2016 concert a top-pick performance. Opening the program are two dazzling violin showpieces by Fritz Kreisler—his Praeludium and Allegro, as well as the Caprice Viennois , Op. 2. Violinist Benjamin Beilman performs both, accompanied by pianist Pedja Muzijevic. Composer Osvaldo Golijov then introduces his “...