Episode 2 - Seed to Supermarket

Grocery Shopping

(Episode 2 - July 18, 2019 on ETV)  Food in America is easy, you just put it in your shopping cart and pay. But it hasn’t always been this way. From sustenance farming to big business enterprises, we take a look at how farming has scaled to epic proportions while some have chosen to return to the land from whence we came. 

America's "South" of the Mind, 1960–1980

By Alfred Turner


In his book, The South of the Mind: American Imaginings of White Southernness, 1960–1980 (2018, UGA Press), Zachary J. Lechner bridges the fields of southern studies and southern history in an effort to discern how conceptions of a tradition-bound, "timeless" South shaped Americans' views of themselves and their society's political and cultural fragmentations, following the turbulent 1960s.



Barry To Drench Parts of the Gulf Coast

By Ray Hawthorne

Tropical Storm Barry Forecast Cone

Tropical Storm Barry is intensifying as it moves slowly toward the Louisiana Gulf coast. Barry was located 100 miles southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River, according to the advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center at 11 am Friday. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico should encourage the system to intensify, but dry air high above the storm and wind shear have prevented rapid strengthening so far. Forecasters expect Barry to be near hurricane intensity as it makes landfall Saturday morning along the Louisiana coast.

"M" is for Myrtle Beach Pavilion

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina From A to Z

Credit SC Public Radio "M" is for Myrtle Beach Pavilion. Located at 812 North Ocean Boulevard in the heart of Myrtle beach, the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park’s eleven acres of roller coaster, thrill rides, go-kart tracks, arcades, shops, and games were part of a tradition for generations of seaside visitors.

The Regal Moth

By Alfred Turner

A Regal Moth, a.k.a. Royal Walnut Moth.

This large moth is also known as the Royal Walnut moth.

Drag Racer Pete Hill: A Legend on Two Wheels

By Sarah Pritchard

Pete Hill Trophy

Pete and Jackie Hill have been in the motorcycle game for over 50 years, but it is their accomplishments on the drag strip that have given them international recognition. In his long and successful career, Pete Hill won several national and international drag racing championships. He won his first International Drag Bike Association (IDBA) championship title in 1981, and went on to win four more. He also won four titles with the American Motorcycle Racing Association (AMRA).  

"P" is for Potter’s Raid (April 5-21, 1865)

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina From A to Z

Credit SC Public Radio "P" is for Potter’s Raid (April 5-21, 1865). General Edward E. Potter’s raid into the lowcountry and central South Carolina was neither massive nor particularly crucial to Union victory. In March 1865, while the rest of Sherman’s army marched into North Carolina, a detachment of Union soldiers drove toward Darlington in hopes of breaking the area’s railroad connections.

Eastern Dobsonfly

By Alfred Turner

A male Dobsonfly.

The male Dobsonfly has large mandibles used to grip the female during mating.

Episode 1: A Work in Progress (Watch Online)


(Episode 1 - July 11, 2019 on ETV)  America today is experiencing unparalleled abundance. How have we managed to advance at such a significant rate? Have we lost anything to the tides of progress? Join host Gabe McCauley as he sets out on a journey to answer these questions and more.