Clemson Extension during COVID-19

By Sean Flynn

Clemson ExtensionDr. Thomas Dobbins, Associate Dean and Director of Clemson Extension explains to "Making It Grow" host Amanda McNulty how the different programs in Extension, from 4H to Agribusiness, have adapted during the Covid pandemic. By using a variety of social media platforms, Zoom summer camps, solo scouting of agricultural fields, and even weekly check-ins by telephone, Clemson personnel have provided uninterrupted service to the citizens of South Carolina while abiding by social distancing and other safety rules.

Create Weekly Showcase on the SC Channel

This Old House This Old House: Detroit Project (September 25-Oct. 1) Watch as the This Old House team restores an abandoned 1939 home in the Russell Woods-area of Detroit with help from the community. Somewhere South (October 2-8) Join host and award-winning chef Vivian Howard as she digs deeper into the lesser-known roots of Southern food, cooking and living. Each episode explores the ways people of different backgrounds interpret the same dish — from dumplings to hand pies to barbecue. Photo credit: Rex Miller Autumn Flavors (Oct. 9-15) Cider and hikes and everything pumpkin spice... that's what autumn is...

School & Community Gardening with Clemson Extension

By Sean Flynn

carrotsSchool Gardening for SC Educators is an extension-based program that combines horticulture training, ongoing technical support and equipment for schools to start and sustain successful school gardens. The program uses innovative approaches to overcome common school gardening obstacles such as poor soil, seasonality and food safety concerns specific to school gardening.

SC Wildlife- Opossums

By Lynn Cornfoot

SC Wildlife- OpossumsLearning to live with wildlife can sometimes be challenging - but it doesn’t have to be. Each animal has a role to play on this earth, and Carolina Wildlife is helping animals in need to get back to their natural habitat, while educating the public about why our balance with nature is so important.

Native Plants for Wildlife

By Sean Flynn

FlowersWe tour the home of Clemson Extension Area Forestry Wildlife Agent T.J. Savereno in Sardis, SC and see some of the native plants here and their value to wildlife.

Plant Pounding for Shirt and Paper Designs

By Sean Flynn

Plant pounding design on a shirtUse flowers and leafs from your garden and turn them into fun activity Clemson Extension Agent and Host of "Making It Grow" Amanda McNulty learns more about this fun activity from Allison Jones, Education Program Coordinator from the SC Botanical Garden. as she shows us how to “plant pound” for designs on shirts and paper. Plant Pounding Art Materials: Cutting board or piece of plywood board hammer washi, masking, or painter’s tape scissors paper towels Flat, tender leaves or flowers Paper and/or Fabric (muslin or 100 percent cotton will work best) Iron Vinegar solution ( I used 1 part...

Hollies for Pollinators

By Sean Flynn

Butterfly on a HollyClemson Extension Apiculture and Pollinator Specialist Ben Powell talks with fellow agent and the host of "Making It Grow" about why hollies are some of his favorite plants for pollinators.

COVID Inspires Lowcountry Chefs to Get Personal

By Tut Underwood

File photo of chef's hands cutting green onionsCOVID-19 has caused many a business to adapt to changing circumstances in order to survive. Such is the condition of many chefs in the Charleston area. Since the advent of COVID has shut or slowed many restaurants, some chefs in the Lowcountry - and elsewhere - have found work doing private cooking for small groups or families right in their homes. Chef Emily Lane was already doing that, cooking for families three days a week. But she said the Coronavirus changed the way she works. When the virus first hit big, there were shortages at grocery stores where she shops for some of the items she...