Create Weekly Showcase on the SC Channel

By Ty Moody

America Test KitchenSpring into Cooking (April 3 - 9) Join the crew of America's Test Kitchen as they share their favorite spring-inspired recipes from seasons 18 and 19. Elle Simone makes show-stopping soft-poached eggs and the ultimate fresh fruit tart. Then, watch Becky Hays roast a whole side of salmon, a dish perfectly complemented by Dan Souza's buttery spring vegetables. Spring Fling (April 10 - 16) Think Spring with the help of our creative chefs, gardeners, painters and bakers! Create's experts share seasonally inspired recipes, decorating tips and outdoor entertaining ideas to get you into the spring...

Somewhere South: Porridge for the Soul

Porridge for the SoulVivian heads to Charleston, S.C. to cook a special dinner honoring the late pioneering African American chef, Edna Lewis. At the event, she serves grits, the simple Southern staple among the many foods Lewis famously exalted. While in Charleston, Vivian learns how a grain as humble as rice gave the port city a distinction within the sordid history of slavery. Vivian gets the chance to learn from chef B.J. Dennis, a champion of Geechee and Gullah cuisine found on the isolated barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina. Over plates of shark and grits, Vivian and Dennis discuss how Geechee...

Somewhere South: American as Hand Pie

Follow Vivian as she learns the historical ties between hand pies, labor and migration.(Episode #101 - March 27, 2020) Across American history, waves of immigrants came to the United States to do the hard work of building America’s infrastructure and toiling in its industries. And when they got hungry, they needed filling, mobile food that could be taken into the coal mines, factories, or the fields. Enter: the hand pie, the original convenience food, found at the intersection of labor, food, and migration. Whether sweet or savory, these convenient pockets are filled with ingredients signature to various cultures. Vivian’s need to learn how to mass produce hand pies inspires...

Create Crafts Challenge Contest closes March 30

2020 Create Crafts Challenge ContesThe Create Crafts Challenge Contest starts Monday, March 2, 2020 and closes March 30, 2020. All entries must be submitted online. Review the complete set of Official Rules before submitting your entry at https://www.createtv.com/challenge . Create Crafts Challenge: DO & DON'T Entering the Create Crafts Challenge 2020? Here are a few tips* to help you prepare your video for our judges. You just might be Create's new crafts star! Don't DON'T: Submit a video that is longer than 3 minutes. No matter how good, it will be disqualified. DON'T: Forget to set your video to a "public" or "unlisted...

"Somewhere South" with Vivian Howard premieres March 27

By Don Godish

Vivian Howard with Chef Mashama BaileyHost and award-winning chef Vivian Howard takes viewers on a culinary tour of the South through cross-cultural dishes that appear on every neighbor’s table. In six one-hour episodes, chef and author Vivian Howard digs deeper into the lesser known roots of Southern food, Southern cooking, and Southern living. Her curiosity has made her beloved by the millions of people who watched her grow into an award-winning television host, best-selling author, and celebrated chef over five seasons of “A Chef's Life.” With “Somewhere South,” Howard serves as both student and guide, exploring cross-cultural...

Paradise Plants Plus

By Sean Flynn

Camellia Making It Grow visits Paradise Plants Plus in Columbia, SC and talks with owner Dan Clayton. Paradise Plants Plus grows camellias from the late 1700’s to about the 1940's. The intrigue is the stories of how they came to be named and of course their beautiful blooms. Dan talks about some of his favorites and alos gives some useful tips on having camellias.

Bill and Hildie Lyddan's Garden

By Sean Flynn

Charleston GardenBill and Hildie Lyddan love old houses and creating gardens that compliment the architecture. In their downtown Charleston, SC garden, they did just that and included water features and uses plants for a "green and white" theme.

Home Remedies for Longer Lasting Cut Flowers

By Sean Flynn

RosesWith Valentine’s Day coming up, "Making It Grow" visits with Clemson University Associate Professor Dr. Jim Faust and he shows us an experiment he did with his students using home remedies to make roses last longer in your vase!

Victorian Christmas at Historic Columbia

By Sean Flynn

Victorian Christmas"Making It Grow" toured Historic Columbia to see the variety of holiday decorations and experience past traditions at the Robert Mills House  and the  Hampton-Preston Mansion. Reservations are available for those wanting to tour and for those that visit, tour guides will provide stories of holidays past in Columbia and discuss how families decorated and entertained during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Vertical Roots Farm

By Sean Flynn

photo of a vertical farmMaking It Grow visits Vertical Roots Farm at the South Carolina State Farmers Market. Andrew Hare talks about how they grow produce in repurposed shipping containers.