Venture Capital Access Increases in South Carolina

By Alfred Turner

Agie Sundaram

Agie Sundaram Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio As you’ve heard us report recently, access to venture capital in our state is growing.  And, as evidenced by our next guest’s organization, some of that funding is home grown.

South Carolina's Insurance IT Cluster Continues to Grow

By Alfred Turner

Sam McGuckin

Sam McGuckin Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio Over the past decade our state’s capital city has become a nationally recognized insurance information technology hub, and in the process, creating a tremendous number of jobs.  Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Siebels Bruce, CSC, Duck Creek, and our next guest’s company which began as a USC Technology Incubator business that recently led to another b

Tax Law Changes Affecting Planning

By Mike Switzer

Eddi Kramer

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed in December 2017, but it’s only now that people are starting to see what it may mean to them personally.  This year’s tax filing season is the first that will actually be affected by that law.  Our next guest says many people are facing this new reality and realizing they should do a bit more planning for their 2019 tax bill


Mike Switzer interviews Eddie Kramer, a certified financial planner with Abacus Planning Group in Columbia, SC.

Art Reinvents Tiny South Carolina Town

By Tabitha Safdi


Once a booming bean-farming community whose fields eventually went bare, Lake City has a new story to tell. In 2013, ArtFields started with a simple goal in mind…to honor the artists of the Southeast with a week’s worth of celebration and competition in the heart of a traditional Southern small town.

Developing the Necessary Work Skills in College

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

Most companies will tell you that two of the most important skill sets they are looking for when interviewing college graduates are communications and critical thinking.  Which is why our next guest’s institution launched a program three years ago to help students develop these and other skills that are in high demand by today’s business world.

The Middling Cotton Gin

By Sean Flynn

Middling Cotton Gin

Clemson Extension Agent and Host of Making It Grow Amanda McNulty visits St. Matthews, SC and the Middling Cotton Company. Amanda talks with manager Bobby Padgett about this state-of-the-art cotton gin and walks us through the entire process from being picked to being distributed.

SCRA Hits $1 Billion Milestone

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

Finding venture capital funding has been a challenge for entrepreneurs in our state for a long time.  But our next guest says the picture is getting better as evidenced by the fact that the South Carolina companies his organization have invested in have received over $1 billion in follow-on funding. Mike Switzer interviews Bob Quinn, executive director of SCRA in Summerville, SC.

Actor Paul Sorvino to be honored at Beaufort International Film Festival

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

27 years ago, our next guest retired from the US Marine Corps at Parris Island, SC and launched a film career in the Lowcountry, including making an award-winning documentary about the Marines.  His love of films and the history of major motion picture-making in that part of our state, led to the creation of what has become over the past 13 years, one of the most successful film festivals in the south.