Building Trust Between Sometimes Opposing Sides

By Mike Switzer

Ashley Demosthenes

Most people would agree that promoting strong economic development and maintaining high quality of life are complementary efforts.  Which is why our next guest believes that it’s very important to build trust between, for example, business and conservation relationships.

Mike Switzer interviews Ashley Demosthenes, executive director of the Lowcountry Land Trust.

Preparing Disabled Students to Succeed After High School

By Alfred Turner

Tabitha Strickland

Tabitha Strickland Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio South Carolina has roughly 100,000 students with disabilities who are being assisted under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Our next guest says that while the majority of these kids are able to earn a state high school diploma, those that fall short are still deserving of recognition that will help them enter the workforc

Moore School Attracting Top Executives to International Board

By Alfred Turner

Jim Barber

Jim Barber Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio As more and more companies from around the world continue to open operations in our state, international business issues are receiving more priority from our state’s colleges and universities and from global executives such as our next guest.

I Won the Lottery, Now What?

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

You’ve probably heard by now that someone purchased the winning $1.5 billion mega lottery ticket in our state.  Maybe that person is listening right now.  Or maybe you might be a big lottery winner someday. Which is why we invited our next guest on the show to share his recommended tips on what to do if a big cash windfall does indeed come your way.

Leading Through Changing Times

By Mike Switzer

Ron Harvey

Owning and/or managing a small business is not a small task.  Technologies change, communities change, employees change; how does a leader keep up and lead at the same time?

Mike Switzer interviews Ron Harvey with GCS Consulting in Columbia, SC.

Improving Your Business Creativity

By Mike Switzer

Tim Floyd

Maintaining creativity in your business can be difficult when there are so many other tasks in front of you.  But our next guest says that the last thing you should want you business to be is predictable and hum-drum. 

Mike Switzer interviews Tim Floyd, founder of Tim Floyd Creative in Lexington, SC.