Oscar Winner Returns to SC for High School Film Fest

By Mike Switzer

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During the most recent Academy Awards, our next guest’s company won an Oscar for their visual effects work on the movie, “First Man”.  And very soon she will be returning to her home state to share her experiences with attendees of the inaugural statewide high school film competition, Doko Film Fest, coming to her hometown of Blythewood, SC, April 26-27.

Mike Switzer interviews Michelle Eisenreich, a visual effects producer with Double Negative in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

New CEO Ignites Growth at SC Public Company

By Mike Switzer

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Since our next guest became the CEO of one of our large, publicly-traded companies based in the Lowcountry a little more than a year ago, he has instituted some changes that have led the company to get back on the growth track and become noticed again by investors.

Mike Switzer interviews Ray August, CEO of Benefitfocus in Charleston, SC.

Transitioning to Success

By Mike Switzer

Jimmy Braddock and Adele Little

Alcohol and drugs continue to be a roadblock to success for many people.  Our next guest’s organization has been working with men in the Columbia area who are seeking help in overcoming these types of life issues and they are about to expand their services with a brand new dormitory.

Mike Switzer interviews Jimmy Braddock, program director at Providence Home in Columbia, SC.

Top Tech Predictions for 2019

By Mike Switzer

Kevin Wentzel

Doesn’t it seem like technology is sometimes moving too fast to keep up with?  It certainly can for old guys like me.  That’s why we’ve invited a young technology entrepreneur to help us with what he sees happening in tech for the rest of this year.

Mike Switzer interviews Kevin Wentzel, chief operating officer for Kopis in Greenville, SC.

Navigating the ABCs of Medicare

By Mike Switzer

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If you’re one of the 10,000 Baby Boomers that is turning 65 every day in this country, you may be as confused as the other 9,999 who are now qualified to receive Medicare coverage.  From Part A to Part D to Medigap, what does it all mean?

Mike Switzer interviews Joy Watkins, a certified financial planner and director of financial planning at Anchor Investment Management in Columbia, SC.

The Increasing Value of Knowing About Open Source Software

By Mike Switzer

Sergio Aparicio

In the technology world, “open source” is the term given to software for which the original source code is made freely available to anyone, allowing it to be redistributed and modified.  Because open source now comprises 80% – 90% of the code in a “typical” application, our next guest says the need to learn more about it has never been more vital.  Which is why our next guest is bringing an open source conference to our state.

LED Light Bulbs: A Bright Idea

By Linda Nunez

File photo of an L.E.D. lightbulb.


When the “light emitting diode,” or “LED” light was first developed, it was primarily used as an indicator light in lab equipment. But as the low energy consumption of LEDs was observed, and costs for manufacturing LEDs went down, the new lighting technology found its way into the hands of consumers. Users of the more modern light bulbs not only began to see lower power bills, but also noticed how rarely they needed to replace their LED bulbs.

Tech Industry Grows in Columbia, SC

By Alfred Turner

Paul Naquin

I don’t think anyone would argue that the workplace of tomorrow will continue to require new skills and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and machine learning in order to stay competitive.  And that’s why our next guest says his company is making a significant investment in our capitol city in these fast-growing technology areas.

Mike Switzer interviews Paul Naquin, executive vice president of operations for Capgemini North America in Columbia, SC.