Marketing Holistically

By Mike Switzer

Marian Crawford

Most businesses know they need to have an advertising and marketing campaign, but with today’s ever-evolving media marketplace, many are confused about how to develop it.  Our next guest says that she believes a holistic approach is best.

Mike Switzer interviews Marion Crawford, owner of Crawford Strategy an award winning marketing and PR firm in Greenville, SC.

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

By Mike Switzer

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The topic of estate planning usually conjures up thoughts of wealthy people with complicated situations.  But our next guest says that if you own any kind of property (a house, car, retirement plan) then you have an estate and as a result, you should also have a plan.

Mike Switzer interviews Joy Watkins, a certified financial planner with Anchor Investment Management in Columbia, SC.


Preventing Child Abuse Has Multiple Benefits

By Mike Switzer

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You may be aware that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, but what you may not know is that the cost of child abuse and neglect is estimated to be at least $1 billion in our state alone.  Our next guest says that this issue is something the business community should pay attention to because investing in child development now could alleviate problems in the workforce in the years ahead.

Mike Switzer interviews Joan Hoffman with the Children’s Trust of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

Innovation Summit Coming to Charleston

By Mike Switzer

Dirk Brown

Our state’s colleges and universities continue to grow their support for our entrepreneurial community through the development of new programs, degrees, conferences and more.  Our next guest’s institution has been on the forefront of this movement for quite some time.

Local Prognosticator Not Concerned With Market Volatility

By Mike Switzer

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After an unusual two-year period of calm in the stock market, 2018 has seen a return to volatility.  Our next guest says that as a result, he has a lot of investors asking where do we go from here.

Mike Switzer interviews Doug English, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Greenville and Charleston, SC and frequent market prognosticator on this program.

Vocation Rehab Partnering with Businesses to Help Students With Jobs

By Alfred Turner

Daniel Broucek and Jessica Pooser.

Daniel Broucek and Jessica Pooser. Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio Most people know our guests’ state agency through their efforts to help dislocated employees learn new skills.  But you may not know that that they also work with our schools to help students be better prepared for the workforce.

Lowcountry Firm Using 3D Printing to Help Amputees

By Mike Switzer

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SC Launch, the entrepreneurial program from SCRA, recently decided to invest in our next guest’s company because of their unique way of helping lower limb amputees with prosthetics through 3-D printing,

Mike Switzer interviews Barry Hand, co-founder and CEO of Extremiti3D, in John’s Island, SC.