What You Should Know About the CARES Act

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoIn an unprecedented short amount of time, the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, aka the CARES Act, is now law and is in the process of being enacted. Some of the major provisions of this new law will certainly affect South Carolina businesses and individuals. Mike Switzer interviews John Cooper, a certified financial planner with Greenwood Capital in Greenwood, SC.

PSA: Import Team Leader

By Xiao Yu

Thomas Jones sitting at desk in officeThomas Jones Import Team Leader, John S. James Co. Thomas Jones is an import team leader at John S. James Co., an international freight forwarder and customs brokerage company. Growing up in Charleston, Thomas has always been fascinated by the maritime industry. His college degree in hospitality management and work experience in hotel and restaurant business help him to excel at John S. James Co. since customer service skills are important. Thomas and his team oversee multiple shipments that come into the United States every day. His job involves communicating with customers to keep them up-...

Upstate Institution Helps Family-Owned Businesses

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoFamily-owned businesses make up a significant portion of the state and national economy and almost all of them are part of the small business sector that is being so dramatically affected by the current crisis. Our next guest’s institution recently created a program to offer educational, networking, and professional development opportunities to these business owners. Mike Switzer interviews Brad Bechtold, founding director of the Family Enterprise Institute of South Carolina at Anderson University .

Remote-control car racing skids into Soda City

By Charles Dymock

Remote-Control car racing skids into Soda CitySoda City RC is a nonprofit remote-control racing facility in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina that gives the sport of RC racing a place to call home. These remote-control cars may look like a child’s toy at first glance, but in actuality, these highly customizable cars pack a serious punch on the race track. The only thing that could be more serious than the horsepower is the racers themselves as president Jimbo Massalou admits, “the competition is tough.” Although these racers are highly competitive with each other, that doesn’t affect their camaraderie. RC racer Ryan Evans says, “Soda...

Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks

By Sean Flynn

CrabAs the water temperature gets warmer during the spring months, crabs begin molting their old exoskeleton and remain “soft” until their shells begin to harden over the coming days. Soft-shell crab is the culinary term for crabs that have gone through this process – allowing the entire crustacean to be eaten, rather than having to shell it to reach the meat. To learn more, Team Making It Grow headed down to Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks and talked with Andrew Carmines about their soft shell crab operation where he also shared some of his favorite dishes.

Old Town Farmers Market: Where Rock Hill Shops Local

By Shannon Simmons

Old Town Farmer's Market in Rock Hill Homegrown fruits, vegetable, and meats are just some of the things you can find at the Old Town Farmers Market . Originally starting as a Thursday evening event, the market has grown and partnered with local restaurant Legal Remedy Brewing to host more events. Sarah Key , City of Rock Hill event supervisor, shares that “this is our first year partnering with Legal Remedy for a spring market that’s gone so well, it’s moved into a summer market and now a fall market.” General Manager of Legal Remedy, Mike Ramsey says that he enjoys taking part in the market because, “it gets us in front of...

Bee Well Honey

By Jenna Schiferl

beeThere’s nothing as sweet as honey. We visited a bee colony in the Upstate to see just how important the honey bee….and its honey…is in everyday life.

The Charleston Benne Wafer

By Aimee Crouch

benne wafersPeople from all around the world have been descending on the South, and South Carolina in general, for their unusual and delectable cuisine. We went down to Charleston to try a product made only in the Lowcountry.

Time to Buy the Oil Stocks?

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoThe recent stock market crash is the fastest valuation decline in history. Faster than 1929, 1987, 2008…But our next guest believes we may have reached an inflection point and is particularly bullish now on the energy sector. Mike Switzer interviews Tyson Halsey, a chartered financial analyst and managing member at Income Growth Advisors in Charleston, SC . Tyson is also a member of the SC Chapter of the CFA Society .