Solar Tiles Made in South Carolina

By Mike Switzer

Paul De Sloover

You may have noticed that solar panels are showing up on more and more homes in our state and that’s mainly because costs continue to drop and because the state legislature recently passed laws loosening restrictions that have burdened the industry for many years.  However, many people are still hesitant because they just might not like how the big bulky panels look on their roof or in their yard.  Our next guest says that attitude represents a business opportunity to him.

How Serious are Social Security Worries?

By Alfred Turner

John Cooper

For decades, the media has been reporting that the social security system is in trouble.  And here are just a few recent news headlines:

Social Security is running out of money, with benefits on track to be reduced by 2035” ABC News - April 22, 2019

How much longer will Social Security last?” AARP - April 23, 2019

Will Social Security be around when I’m ready to retire?” The Washington Post - May 6, 2019

"Displaying" Growth in the Upstate

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

Seven years ago, our next guest’s company began operations in Upstate South Carolina selling interactive displays for the educational and business markets.  Since then, they have won industry awards and last year made it into the Inc. 500 and recognized as one of our state’s fastest growing companies.

"Happy Hour" Makes for Happy Business

By Alfred Turner

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  When we first interviewed our next guest several years ago, he and his wife were operating the Gin Joint, a bar in Charleston and after being frustrated with the time it took to make craft cocktails once they got home after a busy night, they began bottling their own mixtures that became so popular they sold the bar to focus solely on the cocktail mix business which has now grown into three separate lines.

Need For Early Intervention Launched Business 20 Years Ago

By Alfred Turner

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In 1986, the United States Congress mandated federal funding for early intervention services for children with disabilities in an effort to boost their development and lessen their developmental delays.  Our next guest and an associate were involved in assisting children with this program through state agencies but they became frustrated and so decided to open the first private early intervention service company in South C

Marketing SC Goods

By Alfred Turner

Ben and Andie Edwards



Ben and Andie Edwards

Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio


Every state is naturally proud of its local companies, local products, artisans and crafts people.  So why shouldn’t each state have its own online store to feature them? When our next guests became frustrated in their efforts to shop local, they decided to create just such a business.

Mike Switzer interviews Andie and Ben Edwards, founders of Grassroots General Store in Charleston, SC.

South Carolina Business Review Turns 20

By Tut Underwood

Mike Switzer

For 20 years now, the South Carolina Business Review has brought business leaders, entrepreneurs and commentators to listeners of South Carolina Public Radio.  Mike Switzer has hosted the program its entire run, and takes satisfaction at its 20th anniversary.