Slow Growth for Economy Continues

By Alfred Turner

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Even though the stock market has been going sideways for over a year now, the economy is still growing, albeit at a slower pace.  And our next guest says that the trade wars and the rhetoric of the election season will likely keep that pace slow.

Remote-control car racing skids into Soda City

By Charles Dymock

Remote-Control car racing skids into Soda City

Soda City RC is a nonprofit remote-control racing facility in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina that gives the sport of RC racing a place to call home. These remote-control cars may look like a child’s toy at first glance, but in actuality, these highly customizable cars pack a serious punch on the race track.  The only thing that could be more serious than the horsepower is the racers themselves as president Jimbo Massalou admits, “the competition is tough.” 

Made Here | Some Glassie Ladies!

By Kaitlyn Cannon

Glassie Ladies

Glassie Ladies is a stained glass store in Columbia, South Carolina. They sell stained glass sheets as well as offer stained glass, mosaic, and fused glass classes. The owner, Pat Stone, explains her passion for stain glass. She says, "Art comes from your imagination and I think it's important to keep your brain working and have your imagination engaged." She continues, "Being able to offer art as a local business is a passion of mine."

Epworth Ice Cream

By Sean Flynn

Epworth Ice Cream

South Carolina Specialty Food Association member Dave Mackey of Epworth Ice Cream joins us at "Making It Grow" along with Suzy Ellison of the SC Department of Agriculture. Dave shares the story of how Epworth Children's Home started making ice cream during the Great Depression with surplus peanut butter and cream from their onsite dairy. Today they have four flavors and all of the proceeds go back to Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, SC.

SC Hairstylist for Film Industry Promoting Safety After Tragic Accident

By Alfred Turner

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You may remember the tragic movie production accident in Georgia five years ago when Columbia, SC-native and camera assistant, Sarah Jones, was killed by a train that she had no idea was scheduled to be on the tracks at that time.  Other crew members were severely injured, including our next guest, a hairstylist for the film industry from Charleston, SC, who went on to start up a nonprofit focused on promoting safety awaren

Makers Making Their Mark in SC

By Mike Switzer

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There’s no doubt that we have seen a resurgence in the maker economy over the last several years and our next guest’s event is a classic example.

Mike Switzer interviews Jen Moreau, community director for the 10th annual Indie Craft Parade happening in Greenville, SC September 13-15.

Local Media Start-Up Receives SC Launch Funding

By Mike Switzer

Ryan Heafy

With traditional newspapers struggling in the age of the Internet, many competitors have emerged in the local media market.  Our next guest’s company is one of those that also caught the eye of our state’s start-up venture capital arm known as SC Launch.

Mike Switzer interviews Ryan Heafy, chief operating officer for 6AM City, based in Greenville, SC.

The Pros and Cons of Apartment Investing

By Mike Switzer

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Besides the stock market, perhaps one of the best investments you could have made at the bottom of the Great Recession, would have been in apartment buildings, when rental demand skyrocketed as millions of people became frozen out of home ownership due to the upheaval in the home mortgage industry.  Our next guest says that he believes there is still money to be made in apartment investing.

US Dept of Labor Assists Workers and Employers

By Mike Switzer

Colin Trimble

It’s probably safe to say that most companies view the US Department of Labor as an agency that advocates for employee rights.  And while that is certainly true, our next guest would like you to know that the USDOL also works hard to assist businesses, as well.

Mike Switzer interviews Colin Trimble, a community outreach and resource planning specialist with the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor in Columbia, SC.

Contracting With Local Government

By Mike Switzer

Bryant Davis and Erica Wade

You may have heard our recent interview with the US Small Business Administration about how they assist small businesses in procuring contracts with the federal government. Local government also offers this type of assistance, helping local companies find contracting opportunities at the city and county levels, and our next guest is hosting an information event on this topic very soon.