Could Clouds be Appearing in Our Blue Sky Economy?

By Alfred Turner

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The last time we spoke to our next guest, about three months ago, he said he believed that our country’s economy seemed to be waking up from a long period of sleepwalking.  Well, we’re almost to the midpoint of the year and interest rates are rising, construction activity is reported to be declining, the stock market appears to have stalled, so let’s see how he feels now.

Busy Time at SC Ports

By Mike Switzer

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As the economy has been improving over the past several years, our state’s ports authority has been quietly setting new records for container volume while at the same time, continuing its efforts to deepen Charleston Harbor to accommodate the bigger, new Panamax ships which will allow for even more volume to our ports.  And if you missed it, our state’s second inland port recently held its grand opening in Dillon.

Mike Switzer interviews Jim Newsome, president and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority in Charleston, SC.

Clemson Research Leads to Award-Winning Device

By Mike Switzer

Don Medlin

It’s becoming more commonplace to hear about entrepreneurial ventures springing from our state’s research universities.  And they’re getting more interesting, too.  For example, through a collaboration with Clemson University’s physics and astronomy department, our next guest’s company recently won an award for their cancer treatment device.

Mike Switzer interviews Donald Medlin, CEO and co-founder of Medical Beam Laboratories in Greenville, SC.

Finding Jobs for the Disabled

By Mike Switzer

Kimberly Tissot

Despite the workforce shortages we continue to hear about across a variety of industries, our next guest says that there are hundreds of thousands of untapped employees right here in South Carolina: people with disabilities.  A group which, in South Carolina, happens to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Mike Switzer interviews Kimberly Tissot, executive director of ABLE SC in Columbia, SC.

529 Plans Not Just for College Anymore

By Mike Switzer

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Back when I was working in the financial services industry, parents and grandparents saved for children’s college costs mostly through Uniformed Gifts to Minors accounts which could be used for anything, not just college.  However, the money legally belonged to the child when he or she turned 18.  Then came 529 plans, which kept the contributor in charge of the funds, just in case circumstances changed, but specified that the money had to be used for college costs.  But now things have changed again.

Anderson County Economic Development

By Tabitha Safdi

Anderson County

Once a booming textile county, Anderson is making new waves with current industries that are considering locating in the area. With a strong and committed workforce, Anderson has a quality of life that is unparalleled.

Planning Grocery Stores

By Mike Switzer

David Beitz

When we last interviewed our next guest, he and his partner had just started a geographics company.  Since then, they discovered a need for a specialized version of their data in the grocery industry.

Mike Switzer interviews David Beitz with Beitz and Daigh in Columbia, SC.

Brewing Up Profits in Florence, SC

By Mike Switzer

Travis Knowles

With certain changes in our state’s beer industry laws over the past few years, more and more former home-brewers are venturing out and starting full-fledged breweries.  And the latest that we have learned about is a partnership between five such individuals in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews Travis Knowles, co-founder of Seminar Brewing in Florence, SC.

The Upside of Filmmaking in SC

By Mike Switzer

Emily and Chris White

For the past several years, our next guests have been working in the trenches of our state’s independent film industry and they say they continue to be amazed how few people are aware of South Carolina’s film incentives that exist to spur the growth of this sector of our economy.

Mike Switzer interviews Chris and Emily White are filmmakers in Greenville, SC and their latest film project is Electric Jesus.