Seasonal Flu during the Pandemic

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Scott CurryThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Scott Curry about the seasonal flu and flu vaccine this year. Dr. Curry is an Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases and an Epidemiologist at MUSC. Listen to the story... Health Focus is a production of the Medical University of South Carolina in partnership with South Carolina Public Radio.

Lawmakers Rally for Broadband, Yet Affordability Remains an Issue

By Joy Banala and Tabitha Safdi

Matt Hiatt with PCC looking at Broadband maps.In South Carolina, many children were unable to participate in online schooling when the global pandemic struck earlier this year. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of people in the Palmetto State could not receive telehealth services or work remotely because they lacked access to high-speed internet service. “There is a lot of change coming with broadband, and I think COVID-19 really put an emphasis on broadband,” said Kathy Schwarting, the chief executive officer for Palmetto Care Connections . Located in rural Bamberg County, Palmetto Care Connections links health care providers to patients...

Breast Cancer Screening during the Pandemic

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Nancy DemoreThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Nancy DeMore about breast cancer screening during the pandemic. Dr. DeMore is a Professor of Surgery, Surgical Oncologist and Medical Director of the Breast Center at MUSC. Listen to the story... Health Focus is a production of the Medical University of South Carolina in partnership with South Carolina Public Radio.

Clemson Extension during COVID-19

By Sean Flynn

Clemson ExtensionDr. Thomas Dobbins, Associate Dean and Director of Clemson Extension explains to "Making It Grow" host Amanda McNulty how the different programs in Extension, from 4H to Agribusiness, have adapted during the Covid pandemic. By using a variety of social media platforms, Zoom summer camps, solo scouting of agricultural fields, and even weekly check-ins by telephone, Clemson personnel have provided uninterrupted service to the citizens of South Carolina while abiding by social distancing and other safety rules.

New support line created for people struggling with pandemic hardships

By JT Hydrick and Joy Bonala

SC HopesWith the novel coronavirus continuing to proliferate around the world, more and more people are suffering from a different kind of pandemic : mental health and substance abuse disorders. In response, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health teamed up with the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services to create 844-SC-HOPES , an anonymous 24/7 support line for those who are struggling to cope with the numerous hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to mental health and addictions support, the hotline was also designed specifically to help healthcare workers and...

School & Community Gardening with Clemson Extension

By Sean Flynn

carrotsSchool Gardening for SC Educators is an extension-based program that combines horticulture training, ongoing technical support and equipment for schools to start and sustain successful school gardens. The program uses innovative approaches to overcome common school gardening obstacles such as poor soil, seasonality and food safety concerns specific to school gardening.

Coping with Caution Fatigue During the Pandemic

By Alfred Turner

Dr. Wendy BallietThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Wendy Balliet about coping with caution fatigue as the coronavirus crisis continues. Dr. Balliet is a psychologist who works with patients who have chronic health problems through the Division of Bio-behavioral Medicine and Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC.

New research to help injured troops using technology

By Tabitha Safdi

A simulation of a solider receiving aidUsing actors, sound effects and a stage set-up as a battlefield, doctors and engineers are working together to solve a problem. "This has real applications to improving human lives, saving lives," says Ron Gimbel, Ph.D., who is a Clemson University researcher and former Naval Medical Services Corp. Officer. With a grant from the Department of Defense , Clemson University researchers are working in collaboration with Prisma Health to create a system to capture key information from the time an incident happens, in order to impact the direct care of the patient. The project is called CARD,...

Walking for Fitness during the Pandemic

By Alfred Turner

Dr. Erika BlankThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Erika Blank about walking for fitness and to promote good health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Dr. Blank is an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine and she’s a primary care physician specializing in Lifestyle Medicine at MUSC. Transcript (PDF) available upon request.

COVID-19 Antibody Research Involving Health Care Workers in SC

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Eric MeissnerThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Eric Meissner about research related to COVID-19 antibody testing involving a group of health care workers in South Carolina. Dr. Meissner is an Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases and he’s the Principal Investigator on this COVID-19 antibody testing study at MUSC.