Neonatal Care for Preemies

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Allison ChapmanThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Allison Chapman about neonatal care for babies born prematurely or infants with medical problems. Dr. Chapman is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Neonatology at MUSC Children’s Hospital.

Cardiology Connection Keeps Care Local for Hampton Family

By John Lewis

Robinson meeting with his doctor via telehealth.Andrea Robinson is a self-described workaholic. He says he took a lot of pride in his job leading a construction crew. When his doctor told him that he needed to slow down for the sake of his health, he didn’t want to listen. “I was hard-headed and I kind of overdid it,” Robinson says. “My doctor was concerned for my health and he sent an email to my job and said I couldn’t do it no more.” Robinson has kidney disease and congestive heart failure. The life-changing diagnosis forced him into early retirement. But he wasn’t anticipating how much of his life would be dedicated to managing his...

Female Fitness in Business

By Ricky Taylor

Female Fitness in BusinessEvery new year many pledge to improve their health and fitness routines. Unfortunately, exercising and eating healthily can at times be quite challenging. In this story, take a look at a group of ladies who have found a way to turn their passion for health and fitness into careers that are both physically and financially rewarding. Watch the full episode: Health and Wellness in the New Year

Aerial Fitness

By Jackie Johnson

Tamela HastieDid you ever think you could do your daily workout, while being suspended in the air? Tamela Hastie is a fitness instructor who coaches South Carolinians in an activity that has taken the Palmetto State by storm…Aerial Fitness. Hastie has perfected the three-dimensional movement, conditioning, joint rotation and mobility that's involved with doing aerial fitness. This whole-body approach offers both physical and mental health benefits. Several of Hastie's students share their experiences. Watch the full episode: Health and Wellness in the New Year

Mental Health App Helps Firefighters Deal with Stress on the Job

By Julia Shillinglaw

North Charleston firefighters station.Edwyn Barnett is a firefighter at the North Charleston Fire Department. He and his team encounter traumatic events on a weekly basis. They never know what to expect or who might have been severely injured or killed. Barnett knows the severity of his job especially after having to respond to the death of one of his own classmates. This, along with other factors related to firefighter life, impacts their mental well-being. To address this problem, Dr. Angela Moreland of the Medical University of South Carolina, and her team have created an app that provides mental health resources at no cost...

Innovation in Pharmacy School Transforms Rural Care

By John Lewis

Dr. James Sterrett teleprecepting with a Pharmacy Student. Ryan Rosenblatt is working toward his doctor of pharmacy degree at the Medical University of South Carolina. As part of the four-year plan, he has to go to clinics to treat patients. This is done with the supervision and guidance of a preceptor: an experienced pharmacist who serves as a mentor and helps students make the right judgment calls for patients. At MUSC, Dr. James Sterrett's pharmacy students can go to clinics throughout the Lowcountry and still connect to him as a preceptor through telehealth. MUSC partnered with Fetter Healthcare Network, a group of clinics throughout the...

Drug Recalls

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Jeffrey BrittaiThis week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Jeffrey Brittain about drug recalls in the U.S. Dr. Brittain is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy and he’s the Director of Pharmacy Support Services at MUSC.

Goat Yoga: From Om to Awe!

By Lynn Cornfoot

Goat YogaThe fitness industry is big business and is constantly changing, in order to make exercise fun. One yoga studio in Columbia is switching things up by trading Om to Awe. Watch the full episode: Health and Wellness in the New Year

Scribble: Detecting concussions in the blink of an eye

By Scribble

Scribble- Naney TsaiIs it possible to detect concussions in just the blink of an eye? Thanks to Dr. Nancey Tsai, the answer is yes. As a clinical associate professor of neurosurgery at the Medical University of South Carolina, Nancey invented a device that uses videography to detect subtle differences in the way a patient blinks. As Nancey puts it, “it’s all in the eyes” when it comes to examining neurological functions. After waiting for the technology to catch up to her idea, Nancey created the Blink Reflexometer™. Now, the portable device can be used to test an athlete for a concussion right on the sidelines...

School Telehealth Leads to Early Detection of Abnormal Cyst

By Julia Shillinglaw

Mya Simmons and her brother Marcus sit in front of the telehealth cart. Mya Simmons and her brother Marcus love playing outside at their grandmother’s house in Pinewood, S.C. They both also go to school in the area. A visit to the school nurse’s office one day ended up being something more serious for Mya. Lorrie Smart, the telepresenter at the school , noticed the lump on Mya's throat first, and then got the telehealth provider, Leigh Arden Beck from the Medical University of South Carolina to take a look. “You can’t know exactly what something like that is,” she said, “so I referred her to ENT who did further imaging and came up with her diagnosis.” After her...