The Theatre Park in Lake City, SC

By Sean Flynn

Theater Park"Making It Grow" visits Lake City, SC and talks with Horticulture Supervisor Bradley Roberts of Moore Farms Botanical Garden about Theatre Park. The ruins of this old movie theatre can easily be seen as a theatre entrance shell. This was once the home of the Ritz movie theatre, where a matinee and an evening show played daily. The Ritz Theatre closed its doors in 1956, but now serves as a must see outdoor venue in the heart of downtown, Lake City. With lovely landscaping courtesy of the horticulture staff at Moore Farms Botanical Garden, this park also has sitting areas, a water feature and a...

Sunflowers at Sol Flowers

By Sean Flynn

SunflowersSol Flowers is a sunflower field grown so that visitors can enjoy and purchase gorgeous sunflowers. Pre-bundled sunflowers are exchanged for a donation to the Foothills Community Foundation. They have an open house around the first of July every year, so check their Facebook page for up to the minute details!

Hydrangeas In Bloom

By Sean Flynn

Hydrangeas"Making It Grow" visits the garden of Sumter, SC resident Dr. J. Grady Locklear just in time to see his hydrangeas in full bloom.

Pollinator Gardens in Greenwood, SC

By Sean Flynn

Monarch ButterflyClemson Extension Agent and host of "Making It Grow" Amanda McNulty travels to Greenwood, SC and takes a tour with City of Greenwood Horticulturist Ann Barklow where they have various pollinator gardens. Greenwood, SC is also recognized as a Bee City for their pollinator-friendly initiatives.

Cooking with Vegetables

By Sean Flynn

Healthy DishClemson’s Health and Nutrition Agent Angela Forbes visited Sumter with ideas of adding more fresh produce and color to our meals.

Somewhere South: How Do You ‘Cue? (Full Episode)

cornbread(Episode #106) Southerners are particular about the way they cook and eat barbecue. No dish says eastern North Carolina more than the region’s signature whole hog barbecue; however, the art of cooking meat over fire and smoke is one shared by all cultures. On a tour of eastern North Carolina barbecue joints, Vivian is reminded of traditions that define the area’s version of pork barbecue while being introduced to new techniques. Flipping what she already knows about ‘cue, Vivian sets out to uncover buried barbecue histories and to learn about the unexpected ways that different types of meat...

Somewhere South: It’s a Greens Thing (Full Episode)

Vivian Howard selecting greens(Episode #105 - April 24, 2020) Vivian is invited to the annual homecoming celebration held by the Lumbee Indians in southeastern North Carolina. There Vivian is introduced to the Lumbees’ famous collard sandwich and gets the chance to see the unique way they fix their greens: sauteing thinly sliced greens in rendered pork or sausage grease. She’s struck by how the Lumbee method differs from the long-stewed pot of collards she grew up eating only about a 100 miles away. Her lessons with the Lumbees — the largest American Indian tribe east of the Mississippi river — prompts a discussion about...

De-Stress With DIY Flower Arrangements

J Schwanke with a bouquet of flowersSeason Two premieres Saturday, April 25 at 1 p.m. on SCETV, and also airs Tuesdays at 6:30 a.m. on SCC. Tulips: Year-Round Spring It's officially Spring! Tulips are often considered Spring flowers, but did you know they can bloom year-round? Watch host J Schwanke show the storied history of the tulip, and how to get maximum enjoyment out of this beautiful flower with arrangements and tulip-inspired recipes. Learn How-To Arrange Flowers J Schwanke believes in the power of flowers: to facilitate positive thinking, reduce disagreements, increase creativity, and even heal the body! Viewers can de...

Somewhere South: What a Pickle (Full Episode)

Chef Vivian Howard learns about pickles(Episode #104) Vivian is tapped to give a lecture on the wide world of pickles at the first ever Chow Chow Festival in Asheville, N.C. Her turn as a pickle professor sparks a deeper look at the funk and acidity that fermented or vinegar pickles bring to most meals and how those pickles make a belly-filling bowl of rice or grains so much more delicious. While in Asheville, Vivian tastes an array of Indian pickles — some preserved the subcontinent’s traditional way in oil with spices— with the chefs behind the Brown in the South dinner series. The Brown in the South dinners are a collaboration...

Somewhere South: Dumpling Dilemma (Full Episode)

Chef Ed Lee shows chefs Ashleigh Shanti and Vivian Howard how to make dumplings.(Episode #103 - Watch Full Episode ) While cooking a charity dinner with Southern-Korean chefs, Vivian spins out her version of French gnocchi to be served alongside Asian dumplings descended from the Chinese royal court tradition. During their discussion, the chefs realize that while they all understand what a dumpling is, they can’t actually define it. On her quest to figure out that conundrum, Vivian quickly learns that no one culture can define a dumpling. She heads to Mississippi to visit with longtime Chinese communities in the Delta for a complicated history lesson over dim sum. While...