SC State Library: Congratulations to Young Minds Dreaming winners!

By Bette Jamison

Young Minds Dreaming 2020Congratulations to this year's winners! In celebration of National Poetry Month, the South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce the nine winners in this year's Young Minds Dreaming poetry contest. These outstanding students showed exceptional creativity in showcasing this year's theme, "the joy of words." Guest author Pat Mora charged students to share the pleasure of wordjoy, of discovering new words, of listening to words, of hearing them rhyme. Their entries are prime examples of the immense talent that is on display in South Carolina schools.

Spring courses for R2S, renewal and graduate credit

By K.Finger

picture of woman on phone in her kitchen with flowers and a laptop in the backgroundPBS TeacherLine facilitated courses offer educators a great way to earn recertification credits while connecting with fellow educators across the nation. These online courses, built on distance learning best practices, also offer a terrific way for educators to learn about tips and resources for handling their own delivery of distance learning now that schools are closed. Spring courses, scheduled to begin April 8 and May 6 , include 2 R2S courses . For best seat availability, don't delay in enrolling! Each courses earns renewal credits, or, for an additional fee, graduate credit. Courses...

PSA: Truck Driver

By Xiao Yu

Female Truck DriverHilda (Lola) Salas Truck Driver, Hunter Transportation Hilda (Lola) Salas is a professional truck driver at Hunter Transportation. At the age of eight, she became fascinated when she saw a woman truck driver and had wanted to become one every since. Lola became a professional truck driver later in her life and has been enjoying her dream job very much. What Lola likes most about her job is the people. She has great co-workers and meets people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds. Her biggest challenge in her job is the “four wheelers” who dangerously cut into the space in front of...

PSA: Import Team Leader

By Xiao Yu

Thomas Jones sitting at desk in officeThomas Jones Import Team Leader, John S. James Co. Thomas Jones is an import team leader at John S. James Co., an international freight forwarder and customs brokerage company. Growing up in Charleston, Thomas has always been fascinated by the maritime industry. His college degree in hospitality management and work experience in hotel and restaurant business help him to excel at John S. James Co. since customer service skills are important. Thomas and his team oversee multiple shipments that come into the United States every day. His job involves communicating with customers to keep them up-...

Sesame Street Special Airs in April

Elmos PlaydateElmo’s mommy and daddy are helping Elmo set up a virtual playdate with his Muppet friends and celebrities. Elmo’s Playdate will be live streamed on SCETV PBS Kids as well as broadcast on television. Elmo’s Playdate is part of Sesame Street‘s “Caring for Each Other” project that launched in response to COVID-19. The project includes content parents can use to spark playful learning and offer children comfort. Elmo's celebrity guests will include Anne Hathaway, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tracee Ellis Ross. SCETV PBS Kids live streaming premier: Tuesday, April 14, 2020, from 7:00pm until 7:30pm, on...

Digital classrooms ... learning in the fast lane

By Christy Nexsen

image of young woman blasting out of a laptopFrom our Educator Guest Blogger Series I do not think I have ever been more proud of the teaching profession than I have in the last week. That is no small statement considering I have been teaching for over 20 years. We have pulled together in such a way that nobody should doubt that we as professionals put our children first. That being stated, wow, the online learning/teaching that has been happening is intimidating, exhilarating, and outstanding! I have always wanted to “flip” my classroom but did not think that a pandemic would be the cause for it. I learned a few tricks on the fly and...

Virtual professional development and training available for educators

By Salandra Bowman

Young woman on laptopDespite mandatory school closures in response to COVID-19, South Carolina ETV is still providing virtual training and professional development for educators and families. Join the Education team each week for online learning opportunities on a variety of topics such as Google Chrome extensions, augmented reality, and early learning resources. Sessions are scheduled on Monday through Thursday, either at 10am or 4pm each day. The full schedule of sessions is posted weekly at .

April 2020 on Knowitall

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured in April 2020 on Knowitall.orgThis Month on At-Home Learning resources and instructional materials are available from South Carolina ETV and the SC Department of Education. Find more information and links below. For School Library Month and National Poetry Month, literacy, storytelling, poetry and journalism resources abound in our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection! Please see the list of specific dates to keep in mind all through April! Try out our resources for National Public Health Week and World Health Day. We hope you will not only view them but also act on them! View our resources for International Day of Human Space Flight, Earth Day, Yom HaShoah, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day, Dance Day, International Jazz Day and many more! Dates and resources for additional subject areas are listed below our Libraries, Literature and Learning resources. Scroll down to Dates for Your Calendar and Knowitall Resources In Other Subject Areas.