History In A Nutshell, Episode 5 - The French and Indian War, Part 1

By Andrew Davis

The French And Indian War -The North American Offshoot of the Seven Years War

This second two-part installment of History In A Nutshell is all about the French and Indian War. Not only did the French and Indian War set the stage for America's independence from Great Britain, it also shaped North America as we know it today! The French and Indian War is considered to be the North American offshoot of the Seven Years War - a much larger conflict happening at the same time. Although the French and Indian War and the Seven Years War officially started in 1756, there were engagements happening in North America years prior. 

Green Steps Schools

By Sean Flynn

Green Steps Schools

Clemson Water Resources Agent Katie Altman brings in Education Specialist from Sonoco Recycling Jane Hiller and teacher Victoria Pasco from Catawba Trail Elementary School in Elgin, SC to talk about the Green Steps Schools program. This environmental education initiative, established in 2003, encourages individual schools to take steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible.

Summer Fun and Learning at SCETV

By Salandra Bowman

Teachers in class in Idea lab at South carolina ETV


This summer the Education Division will coordinate a number of fun and interactive learning experiences to take place in the month of July.

Splashdown: The Story of USS Yorktown and Apollo 8

By Tabitha Safdi

Apollo 8 saw the first Earthrise

Apollo 8 was launched on December 21, 1968. Apollo 8 was the first human mission, in which the spacecraft left the Earth’s orbit. It was the first manned mission to orbit the moon. 

There were three astronauts aboard Apollo 8: Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders. They were the first humans to see Earth as a whole planet, first to see Earthrise, and the first to see the far side of the moon. 

Featured in May on!

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from featured content for May 2019 on

Featured content on for May includes a new series we’re very excited about, Women Vision SC, plus a reminder to teens of the importance of staying safe, especially at this time of year, and a reminder to all to live your healthiest life, especially now that the days are a little longer! Make use of the time and find fun ways to be well and fit!

History In A Nutshell Episode 4 - The Space Race, Part 2

By Andrew Davis

"Earthrise" Photograph Taken By Apollo 8

The second part of the "Space Race" episode outlines NASA's Project Gemini, and the Apollo Program. Project Gemini is the commonly forgotten bridge between Mercury and Apollo. Gemini served as the test-bed for the Apollo program, where astronauts and engineers would learn the skills and tasks needed to make a trip to the moon possible.