"History In A Nutshell" - A New Series On!

By Andrew Davis

The intro to each video will feature historical figures from various parts of world history, popping out from a giant nutshell.

Last week featured the debut of's newest series, called "History In A Nutshell." This series will address topics which are presently either scarce, or non-existent on Knowitall. These videos will be tied to the curriculum standards, with the help of ETV's curriculum specialists, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman. The name "History In A Nutshell" seemed to be a good, fitting name for the series, since the lengths of the videos will be ten minutes or less. 

Teacher Talks About Inspiring Books

By Tabitha Safdi

Lord of the Flies bookcover

In celebration of PBS's Great American Read, Nicholas Snyder, an English teacher at Cane Bay High School, talks about his favorite books to read and teach. 

With 100 titles, only one book can win. What will be America's favorite? Don't forget to catch PBS's Great American Read all summer long!

In The Beginning | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Taking photos at the Woodrow Wilson House

It just so happened that my first day at ETV coincided with SCETV’s employee appreciation day. As part of the celebration I was able to attend a presentation that highlighted the accomplishments of SCETV over the past 60 years. It was a great way to be introduced to so many of the dedicated and accomplished people that work here at SCETV. After the celebration, I was able to tag along on a shoot here in Columbia, SC. The rest of the week was eventful as well.

Mark Bryan Talks About His Favorite Book

By Tabitha Safdi

Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan, musician and founding member of Hootie and the Blowfish, talks about his favorite book. Visit Palmetto Scene online at to see other SC celebrities talk about the importance of books and reading.  

And don't forget to catch PBS's Great American Read all summer long!