Integrating technology into classroom instruction

graphic showing words 'Instruction Hub' with smaller words 'Search.Build.Teach.Learn.'

When technology integration is at its best, a student or teacher doesn’t stop to think that they are using technology—it’s second nature.

Technology has transformed education, especially in the last few years, causing teachers roles to evolve as well. Teachers have faced numerous challenges with this transformation. What can be done to help teachers in their role, the challenges they face, and strategies that can help them to be successful in integrating technology into their classroom?

Integrating technology allows for personalized learning for students, facilitating collaboration, and provide immediate feedback. Technology has improved student engagement and enhanced the quality of education. Students can learn at their own pace, through a variety of formats, and in a flexible environment.

Teachers are facilitators of learning. They must have the knowledge needed to guide and support student learning to help them collaborate and engagement with technology in a meaningful way. The South Carolina Instruction Hub is the perfect way for teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms.

What is the Instruction Hub?
The Instruction Hub is a platform for available for SC educators and students that provides equal access to thousands of resources.

How do access the Instruction Hub?
Teachers can find the Instruction Hub through your district (typically through Classlink or Clever). Login is district username and password.

What can you do once in the Instruction Hub?
One of the many features within the Instruction Hub is searching the thousands of resources available. Teachers can search through:

  • Keyword
  • Publisher
  • SC State Standard

Other features within the Instruction Hub include Discovery Education, Streamable Learning, and much more. Teachers can access resources and build Playlists to share with students via district LMS (Google Classroom, Schoology or Canvas).

Looking for an introduction to the Instruction Hub? Watch this recording of the April 2024 Afterschool with ETV session to discover a quick overview of all things within the Instruction Hub including Discovery Education. (* The recording is housed on the ETV LEARN platform. If you don't already have an account, you will need to create one, for free, to view the recording.)

Paige Mitchell is a Learning Engagement Coach for the SC Department of Education and a Subject Matter Expert for SCETV. When she isn’t sharing technology tips with educators, you can find her reading or watching her kids compete in various sports.