ETV Program Highlights for June 2018

By Bette Jamison

Man pictured tending garden wearing Urban Roots t-shirt

TV presents programs of interest to teachers and students! In June, SCETV continues the Gubernatorial Primary Debates.  Join us on SCETV's Facebook page live after the debates where students discuss the issues and what is important to them. PBS Kids on ETV premieres new programs in The Cat in the Hat, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Ready Jet Go!, plus more. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the PBS series Great Museums and don’t miss popular Anne of Green Gables … SCETV is your destination for learning!

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 4 - Kings Mountain

By Andrew Davis

Here, patriot militiamen won a crucial victory against the British.

The final stop on the SC ETV Endowment's Southern Campaign Tour was Kings Mountain National Battlefield.  Kings Mountain is a rocky, wooded hill on the border of North and South Carolina. This site also played host to several U.S. Presidents: President Herbert Hoover spoke there at the 150th anniversary of the battle, and President Jimmy Carter visited in 2011. 

Oyster Reef Restoration

By Sean Flynn

Oyster Reef

The South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement Program (SCORE) is a community-based habitat restoration and monitoring program of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Making It Grow Host and Clemson Extension Agent Amanda McNulty talks with Michael Hodges of SCDNR about the program and its benefits.

Smiling Faces | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Bishopville Shoot

My second week at ETV started off our summer long journey of traveling around South Carolina. Our first stop was Bishopville, SC on Tuesday. We had a very busy day of interviewing Bishopville residents and visiting some beautiful and unique sites. I enjoyed travelling to a part of South Carolina that I had never visited before and hearing from the locals about what makes it so great. As a native South Carolinian I was so happy to find even more reasons to love SC! Today we headed to Charleston for a story right on the edge of the water at The Charleston Maritime Center.

SCETV Goes Facebook LIVE for Ready to Vote Special

By Tabitha Safdi

Ready to Vote FB Live event

Join in the discussion and hear what students have to say following the gubernatorial debates this Monday and Tuesday in a special, digital-only, Facebook LIVE event. 

South Carolina ETVSC Public Radio and The Post and Courier's second round of gubernatorial debates will take place Monday, June 4 (Democratic) and Tuesday, June 5 (Republican) at the University of South Carolina.

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 3 - Historic Brattonsville

By Andrew Davis

Historic Brattonsville, where the "Battle At Williamson's Plantation," or "Huck's Defeat" took place.

On the last day of the ETV Endowment's Southern Campaign Tour, tourists visited two locations. The first of the two was Historic Brattonsville, which is the site of "Battle At Williamson's Plantation," or "Huck's Defeat." In this battle, patriot militia, led by Colonel William Bratton, defeated the British Legion, commanded by Loyalist Captain Christian Huck. 

Summertime and the Savings are Easy

By Kathy Finger

Save with PBS TeacherLine this summer!

PBS TeacherLine and ETV have extended their 20% course discount to include summer courses beginning June 13, 2018 - - PLUS popular course RDLA152 has been reduced to $300 for the whole summer -- so it’s a great time to invest in P.D. and save big too!

"History In A Nutshell" - A New Series On!

By Andrew Davis

The intro to each video will feature historical figures from various parts of world history, popping out from a giant nutshell.

Last week featured the debut of's newest series, called "History In A Nutshell." This series will address topics which are presently either scarce, or non-existent on Knowitall. These videos will be tied to the curriculum standards, with the help of ETV's curriculum specialists, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman. The name "History In A Nutshell" seemed to be a good, fitting name for the series, since the lengths of the videos will be ten minutes or less.