Eggstraordinary Beginnings: An embryology adventure

photo of chicken eggs in incubator on table with ETV tablecloth and Smart Cat 'standee' nearby

SCETV Education is hatching chicks, and we are so eggcited to have you join us on this eggceptional journey!

Through a partnership with Richland County 4-H, we have begun the process of incubating 10 chicken eggs as part of a citizen science project. The 21-day incubation process began on March 18, 2024, and our “hatch day” is scheduled to take place on April 9. Throughout this process, we are sharing photos, videos, facts about incubation, lesson plans and an abundance of egg puns!

Follow along on our journey from egg-to-chick and tune in to our live “Hatch Watch”! Hatch Watch will be available on our SCETV Education Facebook page beginning April 7 and ending April 10 (most of the action is eggspected to happen April 8-9). 

We invite you and your class to join us in celebrating our newest arrivals by participating in our Hatch Day STEM activities. Share your photos and lesson feedback; we cannot wait to see how you celebrate!

Check out at a few of our egg themed STEM lessons:

Stay tuned as we continue our partnership with Richland County 4-H and bring more lesson plans and resources on embryology to