Tig Girdler Beetles

By Rudy Mancke

A twig girdler beetle.

You may not often see twig girdler beetles in South Carolina, but, you will see their handy work.

Reading Program Aims to Make Summer Count

By Tabitha Safdi

Make Summer Count

Reading well at a young age is the most important building block for later success in school and life. Make Summer Count is a summer program that helps close the achievement gap by giving children and families the resources they need to be able to read all summer long.

Black Tupelo

By Rudy Mancke

Black tupelo tree leaves turn brilliant red-orange in the fall.

Black tupelo, or black gum trees, are common in South Carolina and are among the first to change color in the fall.

EOC: Season 2 of Martin's Math Club Focused on Gamecocks' Final Four Run

By Bette Jamison

SC Education Oversight Committee logo

The SC Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is pleased to announce Season 2 of "Martin's Math Club," a partnership with University of South Carolina Head Men's Basketball Coach Frank Martin and the University of South Carolina Athletics Department. Martin, a former high school math educator, developed the project designed to help young people learn that math is fun and relevant in their daily lives.

November 2017 on

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured on Knowitall in November 2017

Featured in November are videos for National Career DevelopmentNative American HeritageCollege Application Month, and Veterans Day. Also, What’s New on Knowitall, the November Factoids, plus broadcasts of Sea Change and the long-awaited documentary, Between the Waters!

Camel Crickets

By Alfred Turner

A male camel cricket.

Camel crickets and closely related cave crickets belong to a large group of insects. They are found throughout the world with over 100 different kinds found in the United States and Canada.