Summer of _____________

The Summer of _________! No, that's not a mistake.  After you look at what we have going on this summer, we look forward to you filling in the blanks. Check out our recommended line-up for YOUR summer activities.

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Traveling to the coast? Here are some of South Carolina’s best known Lowcountry restaurants

Each year, many people will head down the eastern border of South Carolina to check out the beaches that the Palmetto State has to offer. After a long day exploring the coastal region, some may want...

H.L. Hunley Museum | Let's Go!

The H.L. Hunley submarine made history during the American Civil War when she became the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in combat. In February 1864, the Hunley, under command of Lieutenant...

Lancaster | Our Town

Established in the mid-18th century by Scots-Irish and English settlers, the city of Lancaster has arts, culture and history. At first glance, the rustic city may not seem to offer all that much, but...

Catawba Cultural Center | Let's Go!

The mission of the Catawba Cultural Center is to preserve, protect, promote and maintain the rich cultural heritage of the Catawba Indian Nation through efforts in archives, archeology, tribal...

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Webster’s Salamander | 50 Facts You May Not Know

Webster’s Salamander | 50 Facts You May Not Know

South Carolina is home to one of the most distinctive lists of creatures in the world and one of the rarest amphibians out there. The webster’s salamander is found throughout the state’s main water...

Squirrels | 50 Facts You May Not Know

Throughout many of South Carolina’s strong and distinct forests, Squirrels have called these environments home for many centuries. Forests are large areas of land that are covered distinctively by...
The Red Cockaded Woodpecker-50 Facts You May Not Know

The Red Cockaded Woodpecker | 50 Facts You May Not Know

South Carolina is the home to numerous bird species across different regions of the state. However, none is more important to the state’s ecosystem and its Sandhills region than the Red Cockaded...

South Carolina Barbecue | Carolina Snaps

In South Carolina barbecue means pork, learn more about the rich history of slow and low barbecue in our state. DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY? VISIT US ONLINE:

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Riverbanks Roundup: A Day in a Life (2012) | ETV Classics

Riverbanks Roundup was a series produced by SCETV in the early 2010s that displayed the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, one of the most popular attractions in the state of South Carolina that has nearly...

Mary Long's Yesteryear: Penn Center (1990) | ETV Classics

Mary Long’s Yesteryear was an educational series featuring notable moments of South Carolina history told by historian Mary Long. Originally produced at WNSC in Rock Hill, the program quickly earned...

The Garden Spot (1979) | ETV Classics

The Garden Spot was an educational program on SCETV that aired in the 1970s. The show featured Mr. Willie Freeland, also known as the Ivy King, and his knowledge revolving around gardening, plants...

Studio See: Sailplanes (1977) | ETV Classics

Studio See was a magazine-style children's television show for 10 to 15-year-olds that aired from January 22, 1977, to March 26, 1979, on PBS. Created by Jayne Adair, Studio See was produced by South...

The Summer of _________!

That’s right! After you look at what ETV Digital has going on this summer, we look forward to YOU filling in the blanks. Check out our recommended line-up for YOUR summer activities below. 



We hope you take some time to enjoy the summer, but don’t forget about using your vacation time for learning.

Carolina Snaps returns for Season Two on Tuesday, June 21, bringing you even more South Carolina people, places, and notable events in history...all in a snap!  Watch these 60 second episodes on Tuesdays on Instagram Reels, Facebook, YouTube, and the SCETV App.

Are you a history buff?  The digital series, History in a Nutshell, will roll out over the summer on Learn about World War I, the Birth of the Constitution, the Space Race, and much more. These episodes have been rolling out on Fridays.



Are you itching to take a road trip but not quite sure where to go? With the high gas prices, you don’t have to travel too far. You can visit the next county or explore your own town.  Our digital series, Our Town, is the perfect way to discover more about places in the Palmetto State. Season Two premieres Thursday, July 14. Watch these episodes on Thursdays on Facebook, YouTube, and the SCETV App.

If you don't want to travel in the hot weather, no problem. Enjoy the Let’s Go! tours on any of your devices or experience the virtual reality environment with a pair of VR goggles. Check recently featured tours and upcoming tours on Mondays.

We also invite you to tour the state by region by checking out our handy Stories by Regions map.

Do you want to explore nature, but avoid mosquitoes? Season One of  What’s Wild is available now. 

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We were so excited about digging into the vault that ETV Classics became a 13-episode series featuring some of your favorite shows from South Carolina ETV. These hand-picked classics are available now at and on the SCETV App. 

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