Eye Wonder: Billboards (2002) | ETV Classics

Eye Wonder was a former program on SCETV that ran in the early 2000s. Featuring the main character of Wacky “DV”, the show focuses on the idea of natural curiosity and several interactive topic segments such as art, history, science, and technology.  

For viewers with unanswered questions about natural curiosity, Wacky takes his audience on an adventure throughout the program to unusual and unique places to help them find answers. 

Some of the topics Wacky has explored have included the concept of digital television, a tennis ball manufacturer, the Fire Academy, and a plastic bottle recycling plant. Viewers were also able to send in questions to Wacky and have them answered on TV as well. 

In this episode featured in ETV Classics, the Eye Wonder team learns how billboards are designed and made.

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