Riverbanks Roundup: A Day in a Life (2012) | ETV Classics

Riverbanks Roundup was a series produced by SCETV in the early 2010s that displayed the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, one of the most popular attractions in the state of South Carolina that has nearly one million guests each year. 

On this episode of Riverbanks Roundup, viewers are lured into a usual day in the life for all workers at the Riverbanks Zoo. The set-up starts early as the animals’ food is prepared for the day and to make sure that all exhibits are cleaned for both animals and the public viewing. 

Inside the exhibits, additional features are included such as the changing of the temperature to match the animals’ habitat and planting certain plants to make them feel comfortable in their environment. 

When it is time to clean, workers must use certain clothing such as face fields to protect them from certain diseases and germs carried by the animals at the zoo. 

Additionally, animals must be weighed at a certain weight at Riverbanks with tools to make sure that they do not develop any conditions and are getting a proper diet. 

One of the most popular features that the zoo has is the feeding of the animals in which a worker and scuba diver respectively feeds animals from both the natural and water worlds to show the audience how it is done. 

Visitors can also experience bird shows where guests can put on props and participate in meeting certain birds. 

For lovers of the zoo and animals, be prepared to be impressed by all the precautions needed to make Riverbanks the best zoo in South Carolina! 

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