Destination: SC Parks - Oconee State Park (2002) | ETV Classics

Destination: SC Parks was a program on SCETV that featured several of South Carolina’s own state parks from the mountains to the coast. The series aired in the early 2000s. 

On this edition of Destination: SC Parks, viewers will get to witness Oconee State Park, located in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of the state with over 1,165 acres of land. 

The park was originally established in 1935 during the Great Depression in which President Franklin Roosevelt ordered several state and national parks to be built for people to have employment opportunities at the time. 

With the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a voluntary work program, Oconee State Park quickly became a destination where families could experience a number of activities through South Carolina’s landscape. Inside the park, a monument is dedicated to the corps for their demanding work building the attraction. 

One of the most popular features of the park is the walking trails, which include the Foothills and Palmetto Trails. The design of the walkways can range from easy to difficult and are used for walking, biking, and jogging throughout the year. 

Another element of Oconee State Park is the water features which includes a built-in structure to help control the flow of the water stream, iconic waterfalls, fishing, and lakes that are used for a number of activities, including a special Fourth of July holiday celebration. 

Lastly, visitors can also experience camping, cabins, and RV units when exploring the park. 

With a number of these strong traits, Oconee State Park is one of the most popular attractions in South Carolina for people to explore. 

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