Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid

By Karen Hermann

Staff members from the Commission on Higher Education

In this segment from Carolina Classrooms: Making College Affordable, staff from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education answer some of the frequently asked questions they receive. 

Carolina Pigmy Rattlesnakes

By Rudy Mancke

Sistrurus miliaris miliaris, the Carolina pigmy rattlesnake.

Hiking in Mistletoe State Park a family finds two Carolina pigmy rattlesnakes, the most distinctly patterned, and variably colored subspecie of the pygmy rattlesnake group.

The snake ranges from eastern North Carolina, southwestward through most of South Carolina, across central Georgia and Alabama, and into a small portion of east central Mississippi.

October 2017 on

By Mimi Brown

Images from content featured on Knowitall in October 2017

Knowitall contains quite an assortment of media that ties into many of the celebrations and observances in October, including Health Literacy, Hispanic Heritage, Teen Read Week, National Friends of Libraries Week, National Bullying Prevention, Fire Prevention Week, International Day of the Girl, United Nations Day and Halloween!

Gerrick Hampton Shares Scholarship and College Application Programs

By Karen Hermann

Gerrick Hampton

In this segment from Carolina Classrooms: Making College Affordable, Gerrick Hampton, Program Manager, Scholarships and Grants at the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, discusses scholarships and college application programs available to South Carolina students.