EOC seeks nominations for review of ELA standards by June 8, 2020

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The Education Oversight Committee (EOC) seeks nominations of EL teachers, parents, and business leaders for review of ELA standards. Pursuant to State law, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is conducting a cyclical review of the current English language arts (ELA) standards in order to review and revise, where appropriate, these college and career readiness standards.

A state-level stakeholder group will meet in Fall 2020 to provide their feedback and recommendations on the current ELA standards. The state group will consist of ELA teachers from grades K-12, teachers of English learners, teachers of special education, representatives from community/business, and parents.

We are looking for nominations of teachers of English Learners, parents, and business leaders to participate in this process. If you have names of individuals who you would like to nominate, please contact Hope Johnson-Jones at hjones@eoc.sc.gov by June 8, 2020.