South Carolina Ranks #1 in the Nation for Relationship Violence

By Katie Geer

purple ribbon for domestic violence with Palmetto Scene logoSouth Carolina has once again filled the number one spot for women killed by men in the nation. A new study released by the Violence Policy Center showed that across the nation “more than 1,600 women were murdered by men in 2013 and the most common weapon used was a gun.” South Carolina led the nation with 57 women killed, followed by Alaska and New Mexico. The study rates the top ten most deadly states for women killed by men based on population. The study showed that 94 percent of the women who died were killed by a man they knew. And of the women who knew their offender, a staggering 62...

City of Cayce: Plans for Dilapidated Structures Program Moves Forward

By Kaitlyn Park

abadnoned homeThe City of Cayce approved a fee schedule for the proposed dilapidated structures program on Wednesday, September 16, and demolition of several unsafe and run-down buildings is expected to begin very soon, reports Cola Daily . In early August, The State reported that many neighborhood groups and community members in Cayce were concerned with several homes, apartments and stores that were in a state of significant disrepair or abandonment. With the help of City Hall, a list of 34 properties that needed serious attention was compiled. Demolition is considered a last resort, according to the...

Cellphones: Do They Help or Hurt Social Gatherings?

By Katie Geer

people using phones in a groupA new survey from the Pew Research Center measured whether people think that cellphones help or hinder conversations in a social settings. The study mentions "82% of all adults (not just cell owners)" find phone usage in social gatherings to hurt the conversation and atmosphere of the time. Only 18% of people surveyed said that it rarely or hardly ever hurt conversation. The survey also found a difference in opinions between races and genders. Women, especially white women, had the highest dissatisfaction with phone usage during social gatherings. In fact, "52% of women age 50 and older say...

S.C. Legislators Consider Privacy and Safety in Drone Regulation

By Kaitlyn Park

drone flying over fieldDrone technology has moved from the abstract to the mainstream. The word “drone” held connotations to military operations in the past, but the technology is now being used in everyday tasks like wedding or home videos to capture an aerial view of activities. To understand just how more mainstream drones have become, SCNow News and the Associated Press report that the Federal Aviation Administration has found that pilot reporting of drones has more than doubled, with 238 unmanned aircraft sightings in 2014, and 650 reports this year. While at first, this may seem like an interesting finding,...

Haley Will Fight Against Guantanamo Bay Detainees Coming to S.C.

By Katie Geer

handcuffsGovernor Nikki Haley held a press conference this week stating that she will fight against detainees from Guantanamo Bay being moved to the Naval brig just outside of Charleston. According to an article in The State Newspaper , the U.S. Defense Department is reviewing a location in Hanahan and a possible location in Kansas to move detainees to, after President Obama promised to close the detention camp. Gauntanamo Bay was created in 2002 as a place to hold prisoners, some of whom are suspected terrorists. President Obama's administration has promised since 2008 to close the camp, and hopes to...

Increased Security for Guard Facilities Announced

By S. Simmons

National GuardGovernor Nikki Haley and Major General Bob Livingston announced Monday that the security of National Guard facilities across the state will be reviewed and strengthened, Fox Carolina reports . The undertaking of increasing security comes as a result of the shooting at two Chattanooga Armed Forces recruitment centers last Thursday, which left five men dead. Over the next week, Guard officials will conduct site-by-site visits for vulnerability assessments of all Guard recruitment stations, facilities and installations across the state. Based on the assessments, designated officials will be...

Behind the Scenes: Climate Change

Climate Change: A Global RealityCNN’s John King hosts an expert panel as they examine the challenges and impacts of climate change. Extreme conditions, drought, floods, rising seas and hurricanes are part of the conversation. Check out behind the scenes photos from SCETV produced production below. Watch the Full Episode

“Triumph over Tragedy”: A Front Row Seat

By Xavier Blake

FlagIt has been quite a remarkable three weeks. After the tragedy on that Wednesday night, I spent Thursday afternoon at Morris Brown A.M.E., attending the prayer vigil for those now known as the Charleston 9. It was an incredibly touching day. I was asked to go back down on Sunday and was able to spend some time at Mother Emanuel herself on Father’s Day. Thinking of my father and fathers lost, I was heartbroken. An overwhelming wave of sadness crushed me. The very next assignment was the Unity Bridge March at the Ravenel Bridge, and the amazing turnout, the #LOVE AND #UNITY for the lives lost,...

S.C. Benefits with $18 Million in Grants for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

By V. Ortiz

TogetherThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Adolescent Health has awarded three South Carolina health organizations $18 million in grants to fund teen pregnancy programs, as announced by the OAH last Tuesday. The recipients of the grants include the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, based in Columbia, the Mary Black Foundation in Spartanburg, and the Children’s Council in Lancaster. They will receive four grants, totaling more than $3.7 million annually for the next five years, according to The State . The OAH evaluates and supports evidence-based teen...