From the Sky

From the Sky captures the spirit and rich history of the Palmetto State.


  • Sandhills

    Sandhills are the result of prehistoric oceans that receded during the ice age.
  • Brookgreen Gardens

    Brookgreen Gardens is affectionately called the Floral Jewel of the coast.
  • Ruins

    There are countless abandoned buildings and relics scattered across South Carolina.
  • Highway 81

    Strap in as we explore scenic Highway 81 from the sky.
  • Charleston Tea Garden

    Charleston's Tea Garden is the only tea garden in North America.
  • City of Columbia

    Check out our state capital… From the Sky!
  • Sassafras Mountain

    Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in South Carolina.
  • Charleston Harbor

    Charleston Harbor


  • From the Sky: Coast to Coast

    This is From the Sky: Coast to Coast.

About From the Sky

From the Sky is a new digital series that offers viewers a glimpse into the cities and towns of South Carolina from a “not often seen” vantage point…from above.

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