Friday at the Frampton House | Endowment Intern Cassidy

By Cassidy Haynes

Frampton House Plantation

As we round the corner of our fourth week, I look back on all the places we’ve visited, so far, with a fond appreciation. There is a wealth of wisdom to be gained from meeting new people and listening to their stories, but one of the most interesting ones we’ve heard to date has been from the Frampton House. The Frampton House, currently serving as the tourism center for the Lowcountry, is an old plantation home from the 1860s.

Five Valuable Career Skills I Have Learned | Endowment Intern Imelda

By Imelda Golden

Intern Cassy, Stephanie, and Intern Imelda

Being an Endowment Intern at SCETV has allowed me to learn many important lessons that are allowing me to grow into the person that I want to be in my professional career life. I will be sharing with you the top five valuable career lessons I have learned during my internship. (If I tried to share everything, I would be typing for days!)

1. Networking

Let's Talk Interns | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Interviewing ETV Lowcountry Interns

I spent this week visiting some of the regional SCETV stations. As part of the Digital Media team in Columbia, one of my assigned tasks is to create the annual intern video for this year. We traveled from office to office to interview the other Endowment interns this summer. I had a lot of fun visiting the regional offices and seeing the work they do and how it compares to the work we do at the Columbia office.

History Lessons | Endowment Intern Jenna

By Jenna Schiferl

Copy of the Richard  Riley 1983 inaugural address

As I sorted through hundreds of historical documents this week, I was amazed by the parallels I found within the archived material and the daily realities of modern existence. On Monday, I started the process of compiling inaugural records related to previous South Carolina governors. I found these files online at the South Carolina State Library Digital Collection. The archives included documents like inaugural programs, addresses, and invites to official inaugural celebrations.

What’s Happening Behind the Scenes | Endowment Intern Shannon Simmons

By Shannon Simmons

Rockin Rags Creations

A lot of small steps are taken before a piece is anywhere near ready to be published, and that is what this week has been all about for me. During week four of my SCETV summer internship, I have been able to work on different tasks in the office that will help move the current stories we’re working on forward.

Enjoying The Ride | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Moncks Corner

You guessed it; this week we did some more traveling. OnTuesday, we visited the H.L. Hunley Museum in North Charleston for a virtual reality shoot for the project Let's Go! I was excited to visit the submarine because I had been interested in its famous mystery ever since I read a book on it as part of a summer reading assignment for 6th grade. I even spotted the book in the museum gift shop! It was such an easy-going shoot that we all enjoyed being a part of.

I Heart Hungry Kids

By Brandie Perron


There’s a kid-powered organization in the Lowcountry helping feed kids.

In 2013, seven year-old Jackson Silverman was told he was too young to volunteer at the food bank and help feed hungry kids in Charleston County. With the support of his parents, Josh and Tiffany, Jackson pleaded for the rules to be changed so he and his younger twin brothers, Gabe and Riley, could volunteer.