Black Witch Moth

By Rudy Mancke

A male Ascalapha Odorata or commonly known as the Black Witch Moth.

A listener finds a black witch moth--a rare species for South Carolina.

Southern Unstriped Scorpion

By Rudy Mancke

Vaejovis carolinianus - Southern Unstriped Scorpion.

The southern unstriped scorpion was, for many years, the only scorpion found in South Carolina

It is the only scorpion native to much of the Appalachian states: Kentucky, West Virginia (S), Virginia (SW), North and South Carolina (W), Georgia (North, not coastal or southern, where Centruroides hentzi is found), Alabama (N, ditto), Mississippi (NE), Louisiana (tiny, disjunct, area NE of Baton Rouge near MS border), and Tennessee.