Local Impacts of Climate Change in Myrtle Beach, SC | Sea Change

By Kaitlyn Park

Sunset on Myrtle Beach

Anyone who has paid attention to the news in the last two decades has become familiar with the phrase "climate change." A topic of political and cultural discussion, individuals across the world have had to consider what effects climate change could have on the planet. But what can the southeastern United States expect in impacts?

"E" is for English, Alexander [b. 1954]

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina From A to Z

"E" is for English, Alexander [b. 1954]. Basketball player. A graduate of Dreher High School in Columbia, English play college basketball for the University of South Carolina and became the 4th USC player to have his jersey [#22] retired. In the National Basketball Association he played with the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and the Denver Nuggets. The fluent run-and-shoot style of Nuggets' Coach Doug Moe was tailor-made for English's smooth game. By the end of his career in Denver in 1990, English had become the most prolific scorer of the 1980s.

Understanding Climate Change Through Virtual Reality

By Kaitlyn Park

deforestation on mountain

"The issues of climate change are huge. Not only are they huge, but they are complex," explains Mildred McClain, Ed.D., of Citizens for Environmental Justice in the upcoming SCETV documentary, Sea Change.

"We have to localize it because if you keep it in its comprehensive, big framework, folks will be overwhelmed and feel as though, 'I can't do anything about that.' But everybody can do something about reducing the carbon footprint, and preparing people to deal with the reality of climate change, which is already with us."

S.C. Summer Camp Helping Students Combat Summer Learning Loss

By Tabitha Safdi

Camp iRock

Camp iRock is an innovative summer camp that helps children improve their reading abilities while having tons of summer camp fun. In the spring, the School District of Pickens County identifies rising 2nd, 3rd and 4th-graders who could use a boost in their reading abilities and sends their families an invitation to attend Camp iRock.

Camp iRock is a partnership between United Way of Pickens County, the School District of Pickens County, and the Pickens County YMCA. Camp iRock includes:

"D" is for Dixiecrats

By Walter Edgar

South Carolina From A to Z

"D" is for Dixiecrats. Dixiecrats were a political party organized in 1948 by disgruntled white Southern Democrats dismayed over their declining influence within the national Democratic Party. The Dixiecrats, officially known as the States' Rights Democratic Party, were committed to states' rights and opposed to federal intervention in the interest of promoting civil rights. Governor J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and Governor Fielding Wright of Mississippi were nominated as the party's presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

"I've Never Been Beaten Like That Before, In My Life": Former POW Leads Columbia Veterans Day Parade

By Thelisha Eaddy

Fort Jackson trainees during 2016 Columbia Veterans Day Parade.

50 years ago, Columbia resident Jack Van Loan was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Recently, Van Loan spoke with South Carolina Public Radio about the six years he spent in captivity. Today, the retired Col. of the U.S. Air Force is preparing to serve once again, this time as Grand Marshal in the City of Columbia’s 39th annual Veterans Day Parade.

WATCH: Sights and sounds from the 2016 City of Columbia Veterans Day Parade 


Beaufort Community Leaders Institute | Climate Change: A Local Focus

By Kaitlyn Park

dock at Beaufort, SC

MUSC's Public Information and Community Outreach Group convened four Community Leaders Institutes in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort and Savannah. The following is the discussion from Beaufort, S.C.

Each institute included a panel of local experts who spoke to the issues and impacts of Climate Change from a uniquely local perspective. Open to the public, these panel discussions presented diverse opinions and perspectives on key issues, such as sea level rise, health impacts, economic issues, education, overall climate change and community engagement.

Chocolatiers Make South Carolina Life Sweeter

By Tut Underwood

Christina Miles cools chocolate in a mold from her vat of liquid chocolate.

Chocolate is one of life's great treats for most folks.  Traditional, mass-produced chocolate candies have been enjoyed for generations, but lately, specialists have been making chocolates in South Carolina.  Columbia chocolatiers Christina Miles and Joseph Vernon have developed their own unique varieties of chocolates.