Fulfilling My Nerd Dreams | Endowment Intern Max

Stock Editing Suite

While COVID has still prevented me from reaping the full benefits that a normal ETV intern receives, I’ve still had some pretty rare opportunities that I’m grateful for. This past week I got my first chance to use a professional editing suite. It had 3 computer monitors, a sound mixer, a set of speakers, and pro-grade editing software. It was a big nerd moment for me to be able to use that. I was like a little girl going to Disney for the first time and getting to meet my favorite Disney princess. The best part about it was that I wasn’t just doing a little meet and greet with my favorite Disney princess; I was getting to hang out with her. She was really everything that I dreamed her up to be and more. Oftentimes, I had no reason to use all three monitors, but I would spread the two tabs that I was using between them just so I could feel all the glory of the three-monitor setup. Besides fulfilling my nerd dreams, the opportunity to use professional grade equipment is massive for me. Just being able to say in an interview, “yeah I used an AVID suite regularly.” is phenomenal because being qualified is all about experience. ETV continues giving me these unique experiences that separate me from the rest of the field, and I’m incredibly grateful. It's one of the many reasons why the ETV Endowment internship program stands out.