LED Light Bulbs: A Bright Idea

By Linda Nunez

File photo of an L.E.D. lightbulb.


When the “light emitting diode,” or “LED” light was first developed, it was primarily used as an indicator light in lab equipment. But as the low energy consumption of LEDs was observed, and costs for manufacturing LEDs went down, the new lighting technology found its way into the hands of consumers. Users of the more modern light bulbs not only began to see lower power bills, but also noticed how rarely they needed to replace their LED bulbs.

Tech Industry Grows in Columbia, SC

By Alfred Turner

Paul Naquin

I don’t think anyone would argue that the workplace of tomorrow will continue to require new skills and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and machine learning in order to stay competitive.  And that’s why our next guest says his company is making a significant investment in our capitol city in these fast-growing technology areas.

Mike Switzer interviews Paul Naquin, executive vice president of operations for Capgemini North America in Columbia, SC.

Moore School Celebrates 100 Years

By Alfred Turner

Peter Brews



Peter Brews

Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio


Business degrees continue to rank high in popularity among today’s college students, which makes our next guest optimistic about the future for his institution as it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Mike Switzer interviews Peter Brews, dean of the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of SC in Columbia.

Connecting Students with Opportunities

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

Although South Carolina continues to receive bad press on national education rankings, our next guest says there’s more to these students than just test scores.  Which is why he has created an online platform connecting students and young professionals with opportunities for college scholarships, apprentice programs, jobs, and mentors.

Connecting Your Business to Your Retirement Plan

By Alfred Turner

Wayne Jones

Regardless of their age, the majority of business owners have this in common: their business is usually their largest investment.  Which is why our next guest says he continues to be surprised at many business owners’ lack of connecting their business to their retirement planning.

Mike Switzer interviews Wayne Jones, a senior advisor with Pendleton Street Business Advisors in Columbia, SC.

Helping the Mentally Disadvantaged With Employment

By Alfred Turner

Amy Jolly

It probably comes as no surprise to you that individuals who experience mental illness can also experience difficulties finding meaningful employment.  Which is why our next guest’s organization exists. Mike Switzer interviews Amy Jolly, executive director of Work in Progress based in Columbia, SC.

Big Changes in Hearing Aids

By Alfred Turner

Michael Arndt

You may have heard recently that hearing aids are going to soon be available over the counter.  Will this be a big disruptor to the hearing industry? Our next guest says yes, but he also adds that much confusion could also result and he says there are other big changes coming to that industry that have not been given much press yet.

Women's Professional Tennis Returns to Daniel Island

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

Springtime in South Carolina brings warmer weather and our first big national sporting event for the year.  It’s tennis time in the Lowcountry when the world’s top women players will be in our state competing for ranking points and big money. Mike Switzer interviews Bob Moran, tournament director at the Volvo Car Open coming to Daniel Island, SC March 30-April 7.

SC School Tackles Leadership

By Alfred Turner

Dan Durbin

Many k-12 schools these days are specializing in certain areas, such as the arts and STEM.  Many are also reaching out to the business community to establish partnerships that help students identify career tracks as early as middle school.  Our next guest’s Lowcountry school has decided to connect with area companies to develop a specialty in teaching leadership skills.