Survival of the Independent Pharmacy

By Alfred Turner

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With the proliferation of big drug store chains over the past several decades, you just don’t see too many independent pharmacies anymore.  But they do still exist and our next guest’s company is an example of one of these survivors. Mike Switzer interviews Dr. Janet Thames, a pharmacist and owner of Blythewood Pharmacy in Blythewood, SC.

Ag and Art Tour Expands to 10 Counties

By Alfred Turner

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One of our state’s annual events has recently been selected as a Top 20 Festival & Event winner for the month of June 2019 by the Southeast Tourism Society.

New Business Challenges Flooding

By Alfred Turner

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If there’s one thing our state’s coastal communities have had to deal with more and more over the past several years, it’s flood waters. Hurricanes, 1,000-year floods, more hurricanes.  And oftentimes when challenges like these arise, entrepreneurship arises also to meet them.  That’s just what happened with our next guest and his new company.

Surprised By Your Tax Return This Year?

By Mike Switzer

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This year was the first tax filing year under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and we have heard from some people who were pleasantly surprised at their outcome, as well as some who were shocked over checks they had to write to the IRS.  And that’s why our next guest says that it might be a good idea to do some tax planning now while that most recent return is still fresh in your mind.

Mike Switzer interviews Melissa Bane, a certified financial planner with the Greenville, SC office of Greenwood Capital.

Relieving Entrepreneurial Stress

By Mike Switzer

Renee Manning

Most people would not be surprised to learn that, according to a recent study reported in Inc. magazine, entrepreneurs experience more stress than average employees.  Our next guest believes that stress can be reduced by reconnecting with one’s personal life through storytelling.  An exercise she believes can also help an entrepreneur’s brand awareness.

Mike Switzer interviews Renee Manning, an integrative executive coach and founder of Biggest Small Things podcast in Mount Pleasant, SC.

The Future of Smart Cities

By Libby Dallis

Mt. Pleasant

Recently, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) met in Greenville to discuss the future of local governments and how they thrive in the evolving world of technology. We learn the future of these towns and how one of South Carolina’s fastest growing cities is keeping on top of the technology world and assisting its residents in the process.

Made Here | Hand-made Quilts

By Kaitlyn Cannon

The Quilted Rose Co.

The Quilted Rose Co. is a company that specializes in the creation of hand-made quilts. Business owner Ruth Hong began quilting when she was  thirteen years old, and opened her quilt shop shortly after graduating from high school. One of her customers, Shelley Boomhower, explains that she is impressed that Hong uses a sewing machine instead of a Long Arm quilting machine. "I was really surprised, and I have to admit a little skeptical," Boomhower says.

May is National Bike Month

By Mike Switzer

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Many cities and towns across our state are becoming more bicycle-friendly and they are finding out that that is not only good for residents’ health but also good for local business.  And as a result of this popularity, many new bike clubs are being formed around the Palmetto State, as well.  And, in case you didn’t know, May is National Bike Month.

Mike Switzer interviews David Taylor, director of Momentum Bike Clubs in Greenville, SC