Organic Farming on the Rise

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoYou probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the number of farms in our region have been been declining for the past several years. However, you might not realize that the number of organic farms has been increasing exponentially. Mike Switzer interviews Matt Kneece, South Carolina Policy Coordinator for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association in Columbia, SC.

Upstate Staffing Company Earns Accolades

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoThe second-largest commercial staffing company in the Southeast was recently recognized as the fastest growing large company in our state by SC Biz News as well as a 2019 “Best Place to Work” for the 7th year in a row by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce . Mike Switzer interviews Kim Wallace with Hire Dynamics in Greenville, SC .

The Female Mind at Work

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoOur next guest says that women don’t think, manage, reason, negotiate, or make decisions like men do. However, she adds that women don’t do these things better than men, they simply do them differently. Which is why she decided to start a new magazine and online resource for women in the business community. Mike Switzer interviews Anna Gelbman Edmonds, publisher of the F-Suite in Columbia, SC.

SC Business Update from John "Swampfox" Warner

By Mike Switzer

John WarnerAn update of the news, issues, and events facing the entrepreneurial community in South Carolina. Mike Switzer interviews John Warner is co-founder of Accessible Diagnostics and the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.

Vocational Rehabilitation—the Best Kept Secret in SC

By Xiao Yu

Vocational RehabilitationFor more than 90 years, South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) has been bringing South Carolinians with disabilities and employers together. The mission of VR is to prepare and assist eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment. People with disabilities want to be employed and educated, and to participate in their communities. More than 360,000 South Carolinians, ages 18-64, have a disability. More than 250,000 of them are unemployed. Many of these individuals would like to go to work but need assistance to prepare for and achieve that...

Is "Free" Stock Trading Really Free?

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logoSince 1975, when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) deregulated stockbroker commissions, rates have been falling. And recently, several major discount brokerage firms have announced completely free stock trading. But our next guest says that, as always, you should beware of any offer of a “free lunch”. Mike Switzer interviews Les Detterbeck, a chartered financial analyst in Charleston, SC and a member of the SC Chapter of the CFA Society .

Dealing With Workplace Stress and Depression

By Mike Switzer

Dennis GillanA big responsibility for business owners, managers, and supervisors is employee relations. And part of that can be helping employees deal with stress and depression in the workplace. Our next guest says that many employers and employees don’t realize that there is a considerable amount of assistance available to help them deal with this daunting situation. Mike Switzer interviews Dennis Gillan, a professional mental health advocate in Greenville, SC.

Vertical Roots Farm

By Sean Flynn

photo of a vertical farmMaking It Grow visits Vertical Roots Farm at the South Carolina State Farmers Market. Andrew Hare talks about how they grow produce in repurposed shipping containers.

Made Here | Mrs. Fakley's Fun Felt Food

By Kaitlyn Cannon

Mrs. Fakley's Fun Felt FoodMrs. Fakley's Fun Felt Food sells realistic play food for children. It is based in Gastonia, North Carolina, but is available all throughout the Carolinas. Growing up on the North Carolina/South Carolina border and completing her undergraduate degree at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, owner Lisa Ratchford has roots in both North and South Carolina and sells at vendor shows in both states. When Ratchford, a full-time teacher, first started creating felt food, she says it was because she has "to have something to do at all times." What began as a hobby that she picked up to keep her hands...

"To Fear or Not to Fear" New Stock Market Market Highs

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoThe stock market’s recent all-time highs could have some investors seeing warning signs while others could be seeing a green light to invest more. How do we determine if new stock market highs should be feared or embraced? Mike Switzer interviews Wes Johnson, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Charleston, SC.