Home Health Industry Booming

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoYou probably would not be surprised to hear that 90% of our country’s aging population, according to surveys, want to stay at home and age-in-place. But only recently have Medicare Advantage plans agreed to cover these types of home health care services. And that’s proving a boon to the home health industry. Mike Switzer interviews Thomas Haas, president of Complete Homecare of America in Greenville, SC.

Statewide Asphalt Workforce Development Campaign Underway

By Mike Switzer

Ashley BatsonHow many times have you driven past road construction work and wondered about that whole process and what those jobs might be like? Our next guest’s organization is in the middle of a campaign right now with an education mission of just that. Mike Switzer interviews Ashley Batson, executive director for the South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association .

Using Math to Pick Stocks

By Mike Switzer

Peter NielsenMost people are aware of the basic method of stock picking: look for companies in areas of the economy you believe have growth potential, narrow those companies down by researching their fundamentals such as leadership, earnings per share, balance sheet, etc. But our next guest says there’s another method that may prove just as fruitful and it is only driven by math. It’s called “factor investing”. Mike Switzer interviews Peter Nielsen, a chartered financial analyst with Foster Victor Wealth Advisors in Greenville, SC and a member of the SC Chapter of the CFA Society .

Clemson Extension Agribusiness

By Sean Flynn

Clemson Extension AgribusinessClemson Extension Agent Amanda McNulty Clemson Extension Agribusiness Agent Ben Boyles highlighting Clemson’s role in helping small farms find more revenue streams and become more sustainable.

SC Business Update from John "Swampfox" Warner

By Alfred Turner

John WarnerA weekly update of the entrepreneurial activity in South Carolina. Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, co-founder of Accessible Diagnostics and the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C. SC Commerce Dept. Pursuit Pass

SC Competes Competitively

By Alfred Turner

Preston GrishamPreston Grisham Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio While still behind the curve in many areas, our state continues to make progress in competing with the rest of the country for high wage jobs, especially in the aerospace and automotive sectors. With plenty of work still to do, our next guest’s organization stays right in the thick of it. Mike Switzer interviews Preston Grisham director of TechSC , an initiative of the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness in Columbia , SC.

SC Biotech Start-Up Attracts Venture Capital

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoOur next guest has been involved in biotech start-up companies for the past 25 years. Everything from running them, to investing in them, to taking them public, and sometimes selling them to major bio-pharmaceutical companies. His latest venture involves a topical delivery system using compounds such as endocannabinoids and this start-up has attracted venture capital right here at home. Mike Switzer interviews Scott Pancoast, CEO and founder of Zylö Therapeutics in Greenville, SC.

Incubating the Farm Industry in SC

By Alfred Turner

Brinton FoxBrinton Fox Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio After growing up on a farm, our next guest went to college with plans to become a lawyer specializing in environmental law. But her interests soon gravitated back to the dirt itself which motivated her to enroll in a farm incubator program and start a cut flower business. Mike Switzer interviews Brinton Fox, owner of Boone Fox Farm in Columbia, SC.

Slow Growth for Economy Continues

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logoEven though the stock market has been going sideways for over a year now, the economy is still growing, albeit at a slower pace. And our next guest says that the trade wars and the rhetoric of the election season will likely keep that pace slow. Mike Switzer interviews Bruce Yandle, Dean Emeritus at the College of Business & Behavioral Science and Alumni Professor of Economics Emeritus, both at Clemson University. He is also the Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center which publishes his Economic Situation Report .

Remote-control car racing skids into Soda City

By Charles Dymock

Remote-Control car racing skids into Soda CitySoda City RC is a nonprofit remote-control racing facility in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina that gives the sport of RC racing a place to call home. These remote-control cars may look like a child’s toy at first glance, but in actuality, these highly customizable cars pack a serious punch on the race track. The only thing that could be more serious than the horsepower is the racers themselves as president Jimbo Massalou admits, “the competition is tough.” Although these racers are highly competitive with each other, that doesn’t affect their camaraderie. RC racer Ryan Evans says, “Soda...