Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

By Mike Switzer

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Recent trends seem to be indicating a pick-up in first-time home-buying.  For example, some local apartment managers I have talked to say that they are seeing a significant increase in people breaking their leases to buy a house.  Our next guest says that if you are a first-time home-buyer, there are some things you should know.

Mike Switzer interviews Travis Torcoletti, a mortgage loan officer with Regions Mortgage in Columbia, SC.

Agape Chocolates

By Sean Flynn

Agape Chocolates

Our special guests for this "Making It Grow" episode were Suzy Ellison from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture's South Carolina Specialty Food Association and James Stefanakos of Agape Chocolates in Graniteville, SC. James not only creates varieties of chocolates with local products, but also works diligently with Harvest Hope Food Bank to provide children at-risk of hunger nutritious meals for the weekend.

Citadel Graduating More Engineers

By Mike Switzer

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While our next guest’s institution has a reputation for churning out military officers and business managers, their focus has changed significantly over the past few years to meet the workforce demands for engineers.

Mike Switzer interviews Ron Welch, dean of engineering at the Citadel in Charleston, SC.

Storm-Damaged Roofs Lead to Business Opportunity for SC Woman

By Mike Switzer

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2017 was the costliest year for extreme weather and climate disasters in American history.  Which means there was a lot of money spent on home repairs, probably the highest amount going to roofs.  To our next guest, who had experience in this area serving as insurance commissioner for the states of South Carolina and Texas and running insurance companies in Louisiana and South Carolina, this presented a business opportunity.

Mike Switzer interviews Eleanor Kitzman, co-founder of MyStrongHome in Columbia, SC.

Worm Farming

By Tabitha Safdi

Coleman with the worms

The Early Bird Farm is a farm like no other with their primary crop being...WORMS! Paul Coleman has been raising worms for a number of years and knows all to well the importance of these tiny creatures.

Time to Start Planning for the New Tax Law

By Alfred Turner

Kem Smith

Kem Smith Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio The new tax law may have many ramifications for your 2018 taxes.  So as you and/or your tax preparer are working on your 2017 tax return, our next guest says there are some things in the new law that you should be discussing now.

Engaging Your Employees

By Mike Switzer

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Most business owners and managers would agree that employee engagement is not only a good thing but a necessary thing toward achieving success.  Our next guest says that sometimes that can be a difficult chore, which is why his company has developed a way to use digital signage in the workplace as a possible solution.

Mike Switzer interviews Joshua Gale, director of creative services at The Office People in Charleston, SC.