Cyber Thieves Targeting Smaller Companies

By Mike Switzer

Kimico Myers

While we often hear news about large companies and even governments getting their computer systems hacked, our next guest says that, in fact, small and medium-size companies are more likely to be targets for cyber thieves because these businesses tend to not invest in the additional monitoring and security that large businesses do.

Mike Switzer interviews Kimico Myers, owner of the Columbia, SC franchise of TeamLogic IT.

Women's Financial Skills Still Lacking

By Mike Switzer

Stephanie Vokral

As you may be aware, March is Women’s History Month.  Even with all the economic progress women have made over the last 100 years, our next guest says she is still surprised to see how many women are unprepared financially when a crisis hits, like divorce.

Mike Switzer interviews Stephanie Vokral, a certified financial planner with Critical Transitions Wealth Advisors in Columbia, SC.

Growing Diamonds

By Tabitha Safdi

Growing Diamonds

SCIO Diamond Technology is revolutionizing the diamond industry. Located in downtown Greenville, SCIO now has a recipe to grow diamonds in a lab. With this new technology, there is a multitude of possibilities for the future.

Goodwill Helping Seniors and Ex-Criminals Find Jobs

By Mike Switzer

Pat Michaels



Pat Michaels


As the South Carolina economy and unemployment rate have improved dramatically since the Great Recession, our next guest says there are still pockets of our population that face challenges finding jobs, such as senior citizens and those with a criminal background.  And that’s why those are now the focus of his organization’s job placement efforts.

Mike Switzer interviews Pat Michaels, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Upstate/Midlands South Carolina based in Greenville, SC.

Another COG in SC’s Economic Wheel

By Mike Switzer

Randy Pellisero

A Council of Government, also known as a COG, is an association of local governments, usually across several counties, that work towards facilitating intergovernmental land use and transportation planning, community development, mapping, and more, such as economic development, which happens to be our next guest’s focus.

Mike Switzer interviews Randy Pellisero, the senior lending officer at the Catawba Regional Council of Governments in Rock Hill, SC.

Science Project Became Business, Partnership with Walmart for Columbia Family

By Tut Underwood

David Jones inspects a ball half as it comes off the conveyor belt at the Stee-rike 3 plant in Columbia.

David Jones and his son Brantley are baseball fans.  Brantley played as a youngster, and was so enthusiastic about batting practice that his older brother, who didn’t like the game, was forced by circumstance to invent a pitching machine so he wouldn’t have to pitch to his brother for hours every day.  That machine, created as a school science project when he was only 11, and Brantley just 9, became the foundation for a business. 

The Dark Corner Distillery

By Tabitha Safdi

Map of the Dark Corner of South Carolina

Nestled in the hills of the South Carolina Upcountry lies a mysterious place known as the Dark Corner. Back in the early 1900's the Dark Corner was famous for one thing- moonshine. Decades later, two entrepreneurs are bringing the Dark Corner into the light by setting up shop on Main Street in Greenville and producing South Carolina's first legal moonshine.

Demystifying Medicare

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

One of our recent shows featured a discussion on Social Security strategies and the various ways you can maximize your distributions.  And if you thought Social Security was complicated, wait till you hear about Medicare.  Fortunately, our next guest says that if you learn basic enrollment guidelines and some of the nuances of various Medicare plans, you'll be empowered with the knowledge you need to make better decisions—and avoid costly penalties.

Entrepreneurship and Engineering

By Mike Switzer

Ehsan Jabbarazadeh and Julie Iarossi.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but over the past ten years, colleges and universities have become more and more involved in teaching entrepreneurship.  And our next guest says a focus on technology and innovation is the most recent trend in this area.